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Would you rather be completely fearless (to the point of danger) or struggle with your phobias every day?


Agust: I would have to choose struggling with my phobias daily. I wouldn’t want fearlessness to turn to recklessness and then have to deal with the consequence of stupid actions.

Anchor: I personally would be fearless. Fear is something that holds me back. I want to help my pack and prevent anything like the Fall of Runes from happening again.

Sulli: I agree with Anchor. I have a duty to my city to protect them, and fear is a factor that could be removable. I don’t care if it’s potentially at the risk of my own safety, it’s my responsibility to do everything in my power to help these people.


New Question: Would your character rather endure watching their best friend die in order to save the world or have to sacrifice half the population in order to save their best friend? 

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