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Thanks for tagging me! This looks fun🤩 your thoughts on those books are very insightful. I don’t think I‘ll read ‘The Princess will save you’ now that you’ve taled about it, simply because of the subject matter. This sounds so old fashioned maybe but I love the stories where its the prince or the male love interest that had to swoop in and save the girl. I don’t like it when its overdone (ahem Lois Lane anyone?) but i still think its a classic trope that shouldn’t be subverted. Just in my head the idea of a muscular, sword fighting, strong girl saving her boyfriend? – nooo. Not the way it should be. And besides there are so many other ways girls can save guys without turning into a full on Black Widow. I don’t know, those are just my thoughts. I guess what I’m saying is that i agree with u 🙂


Thorn by Intisar Khanani

Now this book – very well written and impressive too. It manages to do a great romance without including any kissing! Not an easy feat at all, yet the author pulled it off. This book really taught me that you don’t need to make your characters kiss if you want to write a romance.

My only complaint is that the main villain is revealed to be a suffering victim who wants vengeance. Meaning we as readers are supposed to sympathise with the villain. I’m not a big fan of this trope, I prefer the good old classical mwa-ha-ha villainous characters who are just evil full stop


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