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Yeah, I’ve seen poorly executed movies too.  Sometimes the ideas/concept seem cool.  Other times, it just falls flat.

“Anyway, now you can through the rocks at me instead 😉 *I’ll throw them back, if anyone…wasn’t wondering :D* “

*grabs Captain America’s shield and a lightsaber* I’m ready!  Let fly!!



“I think everything’s safe. 🙂

I won’t argue that you can’t learn from reading a bad book, I just don’t find it necessary. Even books that are good, or pretty good, there are plenty of badly written things in or characters you want to throttle. One big way I get ideas for writing is actually reading a badly written concept or character, and then wanting to write a similar character in the proper way. I admit, it is a strange way to find ideas.”

Hey, whatever works to generate ideas!  And yes, there are some characters that I’d like to throttle too (there was one book where this main character was just flat.  I ended up liking the side character, who was ‘meh’, but more interesting than the protagonist.)

I also saw you have six siblings!  I have five (two brothers, three sisters.)  Are you the oldest/second oldest in your family?

“I’m very curious on what precisely your beliefs are, I have actually never talked to a modern Catholic, or debated a Calvinist…or a Mormon…I know, I need to find some more people to talk to. xD Once I get a understanding of your thoughts on those doctrines and practices, I can compare my beliefs with yours and find out exactly where we differ.”

Hey, if you’re interested, I’m on a christian forum (I can send you the link, if you want.)  They have people from many different Christian denominations (not sure about Mormon, though) and they have a Bible Discussion forum.  It’s free, though to message privately you need a subscription.  The only thing to be aware of is that once you enter a username, you can’t change it.  I only say this because non members can view the forums and leave comments, so if you want your privacy protected, consider what username you want to be displayed.

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