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Noah Cochran


Don’t worry about it Cathy. I personally enjoyed your vivacious spirit, but one always has to be careful. 🙂

I have six siblings  (4 boys 2 girls) and I share a room with all four of my brothers. Me and my oldest brother often debate morality and theology late into the night for fun. Somehow we find infinite things to argue about even though we share incredibly similar views. xD So yeah, I have the family debates as well. How many siblings do you have?

I see what you’re saying here, but I would like to make a distinction between discipline and compulsion in that discipline is something hard you undertake because you choose it’s benefits where compulsion is something hard you undertake because you’re afraid of the consequences of failing to do so.

That is a sound point you have there, Cathy. Discipline is indeed a more appropriate word. Well said. 🙂

I absolutely agree that authors should continue to read their whole lives, and it will continue to benefit them their whole lives, I only wanted to clarify what I believe @LRC and @shannon were getting at.

Lol ok! I promise I’ll try very very hard to not get carried away XD. There’s so much theology to talk about really, where would you like to start? If I can ask, what’s your religion? I know there’s Messianic, Baptists, Evangelists, Church of Christ…*can’t think of any others off the top of my head* Idk if that’s a rude question or not…sorry about my sharp-tongueness

I think I can take your…how should I say it…energetic speech, so feel free to act normal with me. 🙂  Just don’t condemn my soul or anything. 😉

I consider myself what is called a Primitive Baptist. As you probably know, there are many variation among all the titles, and that is why the “Primitive” is there. No, it doesn’t mean we worship in caves, it is essentially another word for “old-school” or “conservative.” So, I’m a huge fan of medieval history, and thus I have studied the catholic church and its beliefs a decent amount. However, I know many things have changed or been fixed since that period, so why don’t you enlighten me on your beliefs on following things:

Your typical worship service (Church meeting, what’s it like?), Election, Predestination (do you believe in the predestination of the elect, absolute predestination, double predestination? Or none?), Justification, Calling/Eternal Salvation/Sanctification (it’s called different things different places, but I’m talking about being born again), Bible Translations (do you believe the bible is preserved in one form?), and the Church Institution (bishops, the pope, priests, hierarchies, etc…).

I’m very curious on what precisely your beliefs are, I have actually never talked to a modern Catholic, or debated a Calvinist…or a Mormon…I know, I need to find some more people to talk to. xD Once I get a understanding of your thoughts on those doctrines and practices, I can compare my beliefs with yours and find out exactly where we differ. 🙂



I think everything’s safe. 🙂

I won’t argue that you can’t learn from reading a bad book, I just don’t find it necessary. Even books that are good, or pretty good, there are plenty of badly written things in or characters you want to throttle. One big way I get ideas for writing is actually reading a badly written concept or character, and then wanting to write a similar character in the proper way. I admit, it is a strange way to find ideas. 🙂


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