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…….whoa.  What just happened in here? *peeks cautiously around the door*

There are a lot of interesting views here!  I think a lot of good points were made.  I’m not much of a fighter *please don’t hurt me* 😊  May I offer my small observations?

I’m not a big reader because I’m really busy; and I agree with you that if writers aren’t reading a ton of books all the time, then there’s no shame.  We all go at our own pace.  I prefer to think of it as quality over quantity, if that makes sense.

I think @noah-cochran made a good point in that exposing yourself to good writing can help you grow (at whatever stage you’re at as a writer.)  It can help challenge you to approach your story from a new angle.  Reading well-written stories can show us how to apply the rules of writing (seeing what we’ve learned put into practice.  And it can embolden us to try new techniques).

May I just add though, that sometimes it’s okay to read a poorly written story on occasion?  Please hear me out.  If reading well-written stories can help sharpen our skills, then what if poorly-written stories can help us recognize common writing pitfalls?

I’m not saying read poorly-written stories all the time.  But if you’re a new writer, or even intermediate like me, sometimes being able to read those kinds of stories can help you spot writing flaws that you can correct in your own WIP.  (Am I making sense?)  For example, there was a well-known writer who wrote great fantasy stories.  But somewhere along the line, his writing fell flat.  As a writer, I could identify the common writing mistakes that I learned about and needed to avoid (slow pacing, plotlines being strung out unnecessarily, repetition of background info, etc).  Anyway, that’s just my observation.

*ducks as rocks fly*  *sorry!*

Erm, pardon me as I digress: (as you all were!) 😁


Hey there!  I’m Lily (don’t think we’ve officially met.) I saw that you read middle grade books (my favorite genre!)  Which ones have you read recently, and which has been your most favorite?

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. — Ernest Hemingway

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