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Kylie S. Pierce



If you had to go on an adventure with one character from each series, who would you bring?

Umm… Probably Janner and Picket… What can I say? *shrugs* I have a talent for picking the main male character as my favorite. 🙂 We’d probably get in a lot of trouble though…

Who cried at the end of both series?

I cried at the end of the Wingfeather Saga (still gets teary eyed) and while I didn’t cry at the end of the Green Ember series, there are parts where I feel quite emotional (like when I was re-reading Ember’s End recently and I caught several times when Helmer called Picket son… yeah. I’m not ok.).

And (controversial), how does everyone feel about Weezie?

I like her! She’s funny, sassy, and stubborn, some of my most favorite traits in a character. She’s a good match for Picket. Go Weezie!


And I’ll add some more questions…

What do you think would happen if WFS & TGE characters met each other?

I think that Emma and Heather would definitely get along with Leeli and Sara. I’m sure the former two would be highly interested in the First Well… Janner and Kalmar would probably talk with the Fowlers, and Kalmar would most likely identify with Smalls. Podo and Helmer… I need to see this conversation–need I say more? 🙂

How would these characters get along with your own?

Wingfeather Saga: I think it would go ok… Shaye would get along with Oscar, methinks. Daisy and Leeli would be two peas in a pod, even though Daisy is the epitome of shyness, and Leeli is very outgoing. Ruse and Kalmar… *shudders* Oh dear… I pity their families and friends. High-jinks to level 10, anyone? Teaghan would get along with Artham, as she has a strong desire to make sure her friends are safe. And Aisling would enjoy talking with Janner.

The Green Ember: Hmm… Aisling and Daisy would enjoy talking with Heather and Emma. Ruse would get along with the Fowlers, and Shaye would get along with Heyward. Teaghan and Helmer… Mhm. Those two would but heads until they ended up in a big battle and save each others lives. Then I think they could actually talk and find some common ground. Probably.

That’s all I have right now. *yawn* It’s 9:27 here, so I should probably get off the computer. Bye!


"The seed of the New World smolders. Bear the Flame."~The Green Ember.

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