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Noah Cochran


All of these things are not why people should read. They might be part of why people should read. But they are only part. And, I’d argue a small part.

Books are writer’s teachers by experience. We read and soak up. We experience words and worlds of other places. We start to catch onto bits and pieces of history, culture, and language that strengthen the nuances of our writing (whether we do it consciously or subconsciously).

We get to experience the plots, pacing, rhythm, and tendencies in prose that other cultures tend toward… and we get to study them in ways that help us know how to mix things.

Fiction prose, non-fiction prose, poetry and more that I’m not thinking of are all pieces of a very important puzzle. Reading strengthens the writing mind.

Couldn’t have said it better myself mate. 🙂



So…you see similarly to me, but not the same. LRC and I were arguing about which one of us you agree with. 🙂

Ask my family. Apparently, it isn’t appreciated if you start analyzing a movie out loud while it is still in progress.

Oh Rose, I’ve had much experience with this in my family as well. xD My dad has to stop my sister from doing this all the time, though I do it a good deal as well. Is there ever that moment while your watching the movie where someone has to get up, you pause the movie, and then people start verbalizing their thoughts, theories, and critiques? That happens all the time in my home. xD

There’s nothing like someone else’s annoying character or meandering plot to jerk me sharply back down to earth. I realize, hey, if this can get published, I might not be as bad as I think!

I’ve had that thought many a time. 🙂 The amount of garbage that I start reading and then either stop, or by the time I finish the book  want to beat the daylights out of the characters, is huge. xD


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