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Yup! Did you know that George Washington actually died because his physician bled him for a sore throat, and the loss of blood was just too much? It was not a good practice, needless to say!

Totally! They had some really weird ideas about medicine. Still, it really puzzles me is that they used it for so long. You’d think they’d have figured it out by then XD

I know, right!? Haha, I just stick with “All right.” As you said, the only way to be totally accurate would be to do it in the original language. Yeah, nope. XD

LOL, exactly!

The Romans literally had no imagination, you’re right. XD They didn’t have copyright back then, though! XD I learned Greek mythology in school last year, too, and much of it is incredibly weird. (To put it mildly, lol.) We read pieces of the Iliad. I imagine the Aeneid would be quite difficult to translate!

Exactly! It was a part of oral storytelling to copy stories and change them a little. Interesting how that’s changed!

Incredibly weird is the only way to describe it XD Several things I have either said or thought while translating myths “He turned her into a what?” “I mean, I guess turning into a tree is one way to handle the situation.” “Wow, that’s gory.” “Did we really need the descriptions of every single dog? Really?” *While reading Icarus* “Splash, I guess.”

I find the myth of Icarus especially funny because it’s so dramatically unfeasible. Dismissing the entire fact that they were somehow able to make usable wings (??) the wax wouldn’t melt because the air gets colder as you go up, not hotter. It’s ridiculous XD

And the historians were even funnier because my textbooks literally said. “Yeah, no, it’s heavily biased and we can take nothing as fact, but it’s funny.” XD

Lovely. XD Well, cows do regurgitate their food and then chew it up and swallow it again. #grossfunfacts

Yep! And cows only sleep twenty minutes a day, and calves are way stronger than you think they are and they try to knock the bucket out of your hands and they try to suck your fingers if they’re little enough which is both adorable and disgusting XD

I was actually doubtful about that because of the four-stomach situation. I thought if they were able to regurgitate they could vomit, but apparently not.

Cool! What materials did you use?

…Bailing twine XD It’s what I had available and it worked better than I’d thought!

I get that. I’m taller than most of my friends, too. I think we need both more tall representation and short representation amongst characters.

Exactly! More diverse characters!

Me too! I think it’s so important to remember that most of the time, people are not pure evil, and even if they do purely terrible things, “hurt people hurt people,” ya know? Aggressiveness, cruelty, and unkindness almost never is born out of nothing. They have a source of pain. I like how Ariella is not a typical antagonist because, actually, she is an extremely kind, faithful, and compassionate person. I feel we don’t see enough of that. At the same time, I do appreciate stories with purely evil villains and believe those are needed as well, because some people ARE pure evil. I actually wrote a blog post about it.

Exactly! That’s it! I love antagonists who are just heroes on the other side of a problem. But pure evil is cool as well! I like all kinds of antagonists!

Oh, you have a blog? That’s awesome! What’s the URL? I’d love to read it if that’s okay!

Who’s your favorite fictional antagonist/villain?

Wow, Javert sounds amazing! That’s so complex and interesting!

I think… Conner from the False Prince series. He was a spectacular villain because he was so complicated. He nearly had me convinced that he was right a couple times.

He was doing all the wrong things for very solid, objectively good motivations. He was trying to prevent a civil war by running a scam where he brought an imposter prince to the throne. He had decided it was the patriotic thing to do, but his methods for going about it were so heartless and cruel. Cruel in the true sense of really not caring, not superfluously malicious. It was terrifying.

And you were never sure about his motivations because he kept saying that he was doing the right thing, but if he did get an imposter prince on the throne, he’d be ruling from behind it. So was he truly motivated for everyone’s good or did he just want the power? You’ll never know! XD

I think he worked so well because he was an awesome contrast with the protagonist, Sage. Conner was rich and noble, cold, calculating, manipulative, and had zero empathy for anyone else.

Sage was penniless, empathetic to a fault, and broke every rule in abandon to help others, he was incredibly reckless and didn’t really think about anything until after he’d done it. I think that was really cool because Sage was really easy to root for, even though he wasn’t a really likable person XD

Oh, another one is Prince Viridian from Letter For the King and Secrets of the Wild Wood. (Not the Netflix series, the books! They messed those books up again!) He was awesome because he… kinda seemed right. That was a spectacular use of foils. Man, I love those books!

Oh my goodness, that’s AWESOME!!!! Congrats!!! *tosses confetti and hands you a slice of cake and a piñata* That’s incredible you finished before your deadline, too!!!

Thank you!!! 😀

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