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What I find especially odd is that bleeding was in practice until Edwardian times. That’s a really, really long time!

Yup! Did you know that George Washington actually died because his physician bled him for a sore throat, and the loss of blood was just too much? It was not a good practice, needless to say!

Before I researched this, I didn’t even know female physicians were allowed, let alone recognized.

Me neither, actually! That’s interesting to learn!

LOL, that’s an eternal problem in Fantasy and Biblical fiction. XD The only way to be completely accurate would be to write it in the original language, and that’s impossible XD

I struggled with this for a while, then decided to set rules for myself and stick to them XD “Okay” is fine, but I draw the line at “Yeah.” That’s not happening. (I have been sorely tempted to quote memes in my writing. Don’t ask XD)

I know, right!? Haha, I just stick with “All right.” As you said, the only way to be totally accurate would be to do it in the original language. Yeah, nope. XD

Ooh, that’s cool! I studied Latin a few years ago and I had to learn some of the mythology to understand what was going on. I didn’t particularly like it, though it was incredibly amusing to see how the Romans literally copied everything off the Greeks XD

They had no imagination and I hold to the fact that the Aeneid was fanfiction of the Illiad XD (The Aeneid was a nightmare to translate, I had a couple of pieces from it and it was awful XD)

The Romans literally had no imagination, you’re right. XD They didn’t have copyright back then, though! XD I learned Greek mythology in school last year, too, and much of it is incredibly weird. (To put it mildly, lol.) We read pieces of the Iliad. I imagine the Aeneid would be quite difficult to translate!

LOL, I needed a character’s cow to get sick (For plot reasons!) and I needed to know. Fun fact! They can regurgitate, but they can’t vomit! (TMI, but I thought it was interesting XD)

Lovely. XD Well, cows do regurgitate their food and then chew it up and swallow it again. #grossfunfacts

LOL, it was actually really easy, it only took me about half an hour to get a pretty decent one.

Cool! What materials did you use?

You really don’t and I was missing it! They’re usually pretty tall, but not as tall as any of the male characters. And really short characters are also kinda rare!

I’m 5’10” and I used to feel really insecure about my height so it’s cool to see a really tall character that’s happy with her height   (She rather enjoys towering over people XD)

I get that. I’m taller than most of my friends, too. I think we need both more tall representation and short representation amongst characters.

Guess what Nebiah means? Prophetess. XD I dearly enjoy irony XD

I love ironic or symbolic names! XD

That’s brilliant! *applause* I love it when you can present the opposite side of a problem and get your readers conflicted! It makes books so much deeper than when you have clear ‘good guys vs. bad guys’. I love to see that in books!

Me too! I think it’s so important to remember that most of the time, people are not pure evil, and even if they do purely terrible things, “hurt people hurt people,” ya know? Aggressiveness, cruelty, and unkindness almost never is born out of nothing. They have a source of pain. I like how Ariella is not a typical antagonist because, actually, she is an extremely kind, faithful, and compassionate person. I feel we don’t see enough of that. At the same time, I do appreciate stories with purely evil villains and believe those are needed as well, because some people ARE pure evil. I actually wrote a blog post about it.

Who’s your favorite fictional antagonist/villain?

Mine is Javert from Les Misérables. He’s so fascinating because he is obsessed with upholding “God’s law” and banishing the slightest trace of evil. And God’s law and the banishment of evil are very good things, but Javert completely flips them and turns them into wickedness and cruelty. It’s hard to feel anything but dislike for him throughout the novel because he’s so harsh and unyielding in his persecution of Jean Valjean. But in the end, you feel terrible for him. His tragic end literally broke me. All his life he believes a lie that criminals are irredeemable and can never change. Then when he discovers it’s a lie, he can’t handle it and commits suicide. What makes it even sadder is that after his body is found, the news guesses he killed himself during “a fit of mental aberration.” Symbolic of how belief in the redemption of people is considered a mental issue.

Oh, I might have told you already but I finished my first draft last week! It turned out to be much longer than I expected (120k) but I’m so happy with it! Now I can let it rest for a couple months while I revise book 1!

I actually want to write out some worldbuilding for book one, and start outlining book 3, so I have some direction. Anyway, I’m really glad I finished the first draft before my deadline!

Oh my goodness, that’s AWESOME!!!! Congrats!!! *tosses confetti and hands you a slice of cake and a piñata* That’s incredible you finished before your deadline, too!!!

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