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Haha, so I’ll tell you a couple things I learned about ancient Greek doctors. (You asked for it.  )

Oooh! Cool! I did a bit of research about the different theories of healing around the medical times, and that was one of the most popular ones! What I find especially odd is that bleeding was in practice until Edwardian times. That’s a really, really long time!

As I mentioned, I did some research into the science of the middle ages in North Africa. They were way ahead of the Europeans in many aspects! The alchemists had already figured out the basics of how elements function, and there were extensive libraries, (like the Library of Alexandria, which in fact, did not burn.) higher education, and medical handbooks. They had a handbook about women’s health actually written by a female physician. (Massive improvement on the Victorians XD.)

Before I researched this, I didn’t even know female physicians were allowed, let alone recognized. (I know they weren’t allowed in Athens for a really long time.)

Anyway, fun stuff! I really enjoy researching it because I never learned this in school. Nope, that only covers Medieval Europe. XD

So I had to research ancient Jewish torture (Mishnah Makkot was extremely helpful with this, although quite graphic, to say the least!). I’ve also researched, “Can a blow to the head kill you instantly?” “When did people begin using eating utensils?” “When was the term ‘okay’ coined?” (XD I kept making my characters say that until I realized “okay” is def not a word you use in Biblical fiction.)

LOL, that’s an eternal problem in Fantasy and Biblical fiction. XD The only way to be completely accurate would be to write it in the original language, and that’s impossible XD

I struggled with this for a while, then decided to set rules for myself and stick to them XD “Okay” is fine, but I draw the line at “Yeah.” That’s not happening. (I have been sorely tempted to quote memes in my writing. Don’t ask XD)

I’ve also researched pagan beliefs, the Greek pantheon of gods, the purpose of temples, and popular ancient Greek myths, mythology figures, explanations of natural phenomena, and their purposes. (Also, the Romanized versions of all these.)

Ooh, that’s cool! I studied Latin a few years ago and I had to learn some of the mythology to understand what was going on. I didn’t particularly like it, though it was incredibly amusing to see how the Romans literally copied everything off the Greeks XD

They had no imagination and I hold to the fact that the Aeneid was fanfiction of the Illiad XD (The Aeneid was a nightmare to translate, I had a couple of pieces from it and it was awful XD)

I’m not even gonna ask about the cow query.   All those are awesome and pretty interesting!

LOL, I needed a character’s cow to get sick (For plot reasons!) and I needed to know. Fun fact! They can regurgitate, but they can’t vomit! (TMI, but I thought it was interesting XD)

Wow, that’s commitment! R E S P E C T. I haven’t actually done any hands-on research. Braiding a sling sounds tough! Also, clogs do sound like an intense weapon. XD

LOL, it was actually really easy, it only took me about half an hour to get a pretty decent one. I’m still useless with it, but now I know how it works, at least XD

Thanks! I think it does, too!

I personally like Liorah better than Leora. For another “L” name, I really like the name Lenore, as well.

Ooh, that’s really pretty! I’ve actually met people with that name… though I think it was spelled Leonoor but pronounced the same.

I knoww. She’s adorable XD

Ooh, I love to see a tall female character! You really don’t see that a lot. That’s a hilarious interaction between the characters!

You really don’t and I was missing it! They’re usually pretty tall, but not as tall as any of the male characters. And really short characters are also kinda rare!

I’m 5’10” and I used to feel really insecure about my height so it’s cool to see a really tall character that’s happy with her height 🙂 (She rather enjoys towering over people XD)

Oh my goodness, how funny! There’s a bit of irony in a name like that. LOL.

Exactly XD I actually have another character, Nebiah, who has some prophetic gifts. Guess what Nebiah means? Prophetess. XD I dearly enjoy irony XD

My purpose with her is to force readers to have to consider it for themselves, get them conflicted about it like, “Maybe Paul really does deserve to feel guilty and ashamed.” It’s absolutely fascinating.

That’s brilliant! *applause* I love it when you can present the opposite side of a problem and get your readers conflicted! It makes books so much deeper than when you have clear ‘good guys vs. bad guys’. I love to see that in books!

The opposite is when the main characters’ objectively bad actions are just brushed off or dismissed. That always makes me disconnect from them.

I think it’s really cool when you have at least one character presenting the opposite perspective, that makes it so much more interesting!

Oh, I might have told you already but I finished my first draft last week! It turned out to be much longer than I expected (120k) but I’m so happy with it! Now I can let it rest for a couple months while I revise book 1!

I actually want to write out some worldbuilding for book one, and start outlining book 3, so I have some direction. Anyway, I’m really glad I finished the first draft before my deadline!

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