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Brian Stansell


Hi Emily,

Thank you for posting the link to your poem. I loved it! You are very gifted.

What is your novel about? Does it have a name?

Yes.  It has a main title (Excavatia) [sounds similar to King Arthur’s famous mystical sword] and each of the four planned books have a distinctive subtitle. (You’ll remember the same was true of the 3 parts of “The Lord of the Rings”)

My WIP is a fantasy series and I have already completed the drafts of the first two.  The underlying issues in my novels are representative of a conflict of worldviews (philosophies of world governance).  These are represented as warring kingdoms who are in a tenuous balance and bid for power.  There is an ancient prophecy at the core of the land that involves a “Mysterious Marker Stone”, and stolen “Dominion” crown with three Virtue Jewels that must be returned to the bezels and settings in that crown, to open a gateway in which the Prophecied King will return to rule and dispose of the Old Kingdom strongholds that have terrorized their lands of “The Mid-World”.  The gateway is the portal to the High King’s Kingdom, called Excavatia, a term meaning “Hidden Kingdom” to those who still hold to the ancient belief in the promised prophecy.  The man-made kingdoms are Xarmni (represented by a system blend of socialism/communism) and a brutal rule by “might make right” for the good of “the collective”.  Their brother kingdom, for which they have had a lifelong feudal war, are the “Capitalians” representing commercial power unchecked, which have a more liberating approach, yet liberty without true reverence for an external truth, but yet a token nod to it.  The other kingdom is a pantheistic kingdom which are called the “Half-Men”, ruled under “The Pan” who is half-man half-ram and is over twleve-feet tall, but blinded by his obsession with returning to the upper world from which he and his transformed followers of fauna/flora/fish were banished several millenia ago when they (descendants of Cain) tried to barter with Jehovah over removing the “wanderer” curse on their ancestor Cain.  The MC and his group are comprised of 21 strangers pulled out of Earth time to this mysterious “Mid-World” place to participate in the Virtue stone quest to restore the crown’s jewels to bring it about.  The whole story is representative of the pursuit of Lordship that begins at the point of conversion in the human soul.  The oppressive kingdoms are representative of the powers, principalities, and rulers of darkness, and strongholds that beset and pull at a Christian to distract them from seeking first the Kingdom of God.  This story also has supernatural creatures in it as well that are representative of what in our known world are “the unseen”.

The MC is an unlikely guide dealing with the possible reasons why he, in particular, was called back into “The Mid-World” to lead the twenty other strangers (“Surface Worlders”) on this quest. For he was one of two people in the former quest mission (of 14 total “Surface Worlders”) who betrayed it and their company in a failed attempt to challenge “The Pan” directly.  He has no allies, save a young child and the hope of salvaging the strained relationships of the few members of his former company who has remained in the Mid-World.

Because the “Surface World” characters are all called out of different parts of “Earth time”, (though some of them may be contemporaries), I am able to blend the understandings of many different people and backgrounds from different times in our world’s history.

Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
I was born in war.
Fighting from my first breath.

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