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@obrian-of-the-surface-world I completely agree with everything that you are saying.  My point is that often times we have a tendency to see history as very black and white – when there is no true white.  I didn’t mention the Soviet Union’s crimes – because they are very, very many, and I figured that you’re probably aware of it already lol 🙂 History shows us that the Soviet Union was a very wicked and cruel dictatorship, and to dispute this is to invalidate the very real experiences of the millions of men and women who died under the regime.  I am not trying to whitewash the Soviet Union or demonize America, but to rather point out that, as you said, our country has had both highs and lows, and that there have been times in our history where we acted cruelly and sinfully (as there are with every country on earth – there is no perfect ruler or nation outside of God and his kingdom).  Of course there are people who want to paint America in a bad light by only highlighting the bad things and ignoring the good.  This isn’t my intention at all.  I love America, and I am very, very thankful to have been born here.  However, I believe that it’s important to be informed about both the good and the bad, because as humans, we tend to give too much glory to people and ignore the fact that they too are sinful and flawed, no matter how good or successful they appear from the outside.  No matter how much we love America, and how much good America has done for us, America can’t save us.  No matter how good America is, it’s still made by sinful humans, and is sinful as a result.  We see this in our history in spite of all the good done by our country.  I find that comforting, because no matter how good it was, or how bad it gets, our salvation is determined by our faith in Christ, not by our heritage, our power, or our good or bad works 🙂

*laughs as one fey*

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