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Emily Waldorf

Welcome! Welcome! I am so glad that you are joining our band of brothers and sisters in the pursuit of creative expressions.

Thank you for the warm welcome, Brian!

I am one of the “ancient ones” here, but don’t let that alarm you.

The boos and hisses are a little disconcerting, but so far the stage managers have promised to disarm the audience that comes into this theater from their bags of rotten fruit and vegetables. I did get pinged by someone who threw a hazelnut at me, but so far no bruises

Don’t worry: age and status don’t change much: people are still people.

I can see why they would be disconcerting. You should be able to find some Jedi skills that dispense with tomatoes etc. entirely, and throw those shepherd’s-crook-wielding maniacs off their guard.

My novel is online in my blog, and my MC has a terrible secret that debilitates him, even though he has no physical challenges. My grandfather in real life did lose part of his leg to diabetic amputation, but he had a good perspective about it and named his prosthetic leg “Pedro” and sometimes would tease us by taking it loose and putting it in the chair with him with a hat on the foot.

What is your novel about? Does it have a name?

Your grandfather sounds like he was a wonderful person! I only wish I could have met him.

I would love to read your poetry: Do you have a direct link to it that you could post here?

Thank you! I think I can do that…here


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