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Emily Waldorf

For mystery, I love Sherlock Holmes, of course 🙂 And I’m in the middle of my first Agatha Christie book, and really enjoying it so far! I also recently discovered the Flavia De Luce books and I really like them so far! The plot isn’t marvelous but the main character more than makes up for it. I really love her! Dorothy Sayers… doesn’t ring a bell. *Looks it up* Ooh, I haven’t read any of those but they look really cool! Ooh, if you liked Tale of Two Cities, you’ll love Great Expectations! It’s my favorite work by Dickens I’ve read so far, it’s awesome!

Ah, yes: Holmes. I have a board game based on him…

I’ve never read Agatha Christi, but my family owns a ton of her books. Dorothy Sayers is kinda the same way: plot is meh, but her characters! If I were recommending one, I’d recommend the Lord Peter/Harriet Vain ones. (But get a summary of the first book and then skip it,  b/c it’s essential but rather sordid). Do you prefer Holmes’ short stories or novels?

I hope so! Dickens is a marvelous author.

Ummm…. Neither? XD I think I’m better at characters! My plots are pretty passable, but I enjoy characters a lot more. How about you?

Yeah, me too. I think I do better at plot, but the plots and characters are so intertwined, it’s hard to separate them!

I only dislike love triangles when they’re about “oH, nO, how shall I choose between these two incredibly similar people? I’m going to worry about it for three books.” When it’s something deeper and more conflicting like you’ve got, it has a lot more potential!

I KNOW! That’s irritating. Thank you!

Oh, that’s so awesome! What are your favorite movies? I really love old musicals, Singing in the Rain is one of my favorites! Umm, I don’t actually remember. XD I’m pretty sure, “That sounds cool” was a pretty instrumental part in the decision-making process XD But I really enjoy it! How long have you been playing piano? What are your favorite styles to play?

The Lawrence Olivier Hamlet, Disney’s older That Darn Cat, 1956 Anastasia, Candleshoe. I like older movies, lol. Do you watch many movies?

That is so cool, though! What sorts of things does one play on Celtic harp?  I’ve taken piano lessons for 6-ish years. Now I teach it to beginners. I like to play…things that are simple and pretty, but not too simple. I’m very hard to please. 🙂


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