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sorry for the late-ish reply! I cannot figure out how you quoted me, so I put your quotes in quotation marks:

Don’t worry about it 🙂 For the quotation, I select your text, then click the ‘quote’ button on the upper right hand corner, then it should appear!

Oh, yeah, you said that already–sorry. What are your favorite mystery authors? Have you read/heard of Dorothy Sayers? Even though I love a more classic style, I haven’t read many, unfortunately. I dearly want to read Great Expectations. I really like C.S. Lewis–oh, all of his books are so different and yet so the same I don’t know which is my favorite. I really enjoyed Till We Have Faces and That Hideous Strength. (besides Narnia, of course). I also really liked Jane Eyre, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and A Tale of Two Cities. I just read it a month ago and am re-reading it, I loved it so much.

For mystery, I love Sherlock Holmes, of course 🙂 And I’m in the middle of my first Agatha Christie book, and really enjoying it so far! I also recently discovered the Flavia De Luce books and I really like them so far! The plot isn’t marvelous but the main character more than makes up for it. I really love her!

Dorothy Sayers… doesn’t ring a bell. *Looks it up* Ooh, I haven’t read any of those but they look really cool!

Ooh, if you liked Tale of Two Cities, you’ll love Great Expectations! It’s my favorite work by Dickens I’ve read so far, it’s awesome!

Thanks! I hope he’s a cool character, but…yeah. Do you do plots or characters better

He sounds awesome! I’m sure you’ll write him wonderfully! 🙂

Ummm…. Neither? XD I think I’m better at characters! My plots are pretty passable, but I enjoy characters a lot more. How about you?

You write fast! That is so wonderful! Congratulations!! I don’t know what Medieval North Africa was like. Yes, editing goes on forever. I think I’m on the 4th edit of my novella. (my other WIP). Oooh, your book sounds so lovely! Great stakes you’ve got going on there.

Thank you! <3 Well, I didn’t know either until I started writing XD I’ve been figuring it out and researching it as I go. I’m always amazed how much research goes into fantasy! I can’t imagine how much more it must be for historical fiction! Thankfully, I really enjoy researching things XD

Is Liorah a real name? What are your side characters’ names? Side characters are so much fun!! In my novella I have one of my all-time favorite characters, Pastor Luke Swan. He is unconventional, with a sense of humor and a rock solid faith…really a sweet guy, but he can be a little scary, too.

Yep! It’s a Hebrew name that means “Light upon me”.

Umm, side characters… the main ones are Ferran, a goldsmith who is constantly getting on bad terms with Liorah because he tells her when she’s being stupid, Gavril, her older brother and partner in crime, Sahar, her best friend who always has a few knives hidden under her frilly skirts, Acyn, the cynical best friend who would rather read than go on adventures, and Ziyad, who likes to make stuff blow up.

Yep, that’s most of them in the first book! They’re so fun! XD

Pastor Swan sounds awesome! He sounds like a character I’d really like 🙂

My favorite part in “As Morning Comes” would be…this will sound weird, but maybe the love triangle between some of my characters. Quin and Anika are together, but unbeknownst to Quin, Anika’s friend Natalya loves him, too. But it comes out in meanness, which will be interesting and challenging to write. I also love the character arc of Quin’s brother. But I haven’t written any of this yet, I’m still outlining it in my head.

Ooh, that sounds awesome! That’s such a cool dynamic! Unpopular opinion, but I only dislike love triangles when they’re about “oH, nO, how shall I choose between these two incredibly similar people? I’m going to worry about it for three books.” When it’s something deeper and more conflicting like you’ve got, it has a lot more potential!

And outlining things in your head is an excellent place to start!

Only a few ‘real’ hobbies, but I like reading, watching movies, playing games, playing piano, and writing letters. Celtic harp is beautiful! What made you alight on that instrument?

Oh, that’s so awesome! What are your favorite movies? I really love old musicals, Singing in the Rain is one of my favorites!

Umm, I don’t actually remember. XD I’m pretty sure, “That sounds cool” was a pretty instrumental part in the decision-making process XD But I really enjoy it! How long have you been playing piano? What are your favorite styles to play?

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