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@obrian-of-the-surface-world You’re completely right about the Silmarillion – it really is just a collection of notes and world building, and it shows.  But, I really enjoy it because the characters are just so real.  I love lotr, but it often feels like there are a lot of characters who are just “good,” and there’s not much else to their personality beyond that.  Pretty much all of the Silmarillion characters are flawed to some degree – some much more so than others.  Even the Valar, who aren’t by any means evil, have personality quirks and misunderstandings that cause issues throughout the story.  It also just adds so much more depth to lotr.

I don’t “study” history, but I do enjoy reading books about it.  I really like 1900s history, mainly because it’s still very, very relevant.  We still have Holocaust survivors, and we still have deserts that are contaminated by nuclear testing.  All history affects the modern era, of course, but it feels like the effects of the 1900s are much more visible.  I don’t actually read historical fiction or historical mysteries – maybe I should check it out

My current wip is a fantasy, so it isn’t based on earth.  It’s very much influenced by the cold war and the nuclear arms race

I don’t have a favorite artist that I can think of 🙂  I think I will pass on making a deal – it has absolutely nothing to do with you as a person, it’s just that in general I am wary of getting too personal with older men on the internet (I’m sure you understand why).  It’s too bad that it’s something I have to be concerned about, but I guess that’s just the world we live in.  I hope your drawing goes well, though 🙂

*laughs as one fey*

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