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Hi Cat! I’m Rose, pleased to meet you!

I write fantasy, my current project is a trilogy. I’ve drafted the first two books and now I must gather my courage and go back to edit! (Or actually, rewrite XD)

I’m both looking forward to it because I’ll see my story grow and come closer to my vision, but I’m also dreading it because it’s just plain scary. XD (And also the first time I’m going through revisions so I have no clue what I’m doing XD)

What genres do you like to read? I like mainly fantasy, mysteries, historical fiction, and some classics. What are your favorite books?

I really love people and connecting with them. Extrovert here, and I’ll definitely try to be involved here when I can with high school. I’m homeschooled.

Awesome! Greetings fellow homeschooler! *High fives*

I’m a stereotypical introvert who likes books, cats, coffee, fuzzy socks, Edwardian hairstyles, and gets anxious around people XD StoryEmbers has really been a blessing for me there, it’s awesome to be able to connect with fellow Christians and fellow writers!

I love words and visual design. Right now I’m a volunteer graphic designer for a Christian online ministry, and learning lots from that and on my own. Thinking of being a freelancer when I get a bit older. Any other designers here?

Oooh, that’s so cool! I’m a digital artist, but I dabble in graphic design now and then! (Just enough to know that kerning is very important and comic sans stinks. XD)

That’s so cool! I’m considering art school, and probably freelancing after that. (Not sure about that yet though, XD)

Do you have hobbies besides writing? I’m most passionate about my art, but I also sew, play the Celtic harp, and ride my horse. (My pride and joy who teaches me patience and determination. Especially patience XD)

A little more about my faith before I wrap up, I’ve been learning so much about how God loves us and walks with us through pain. I have chronic pain from an illness, and that (year and a half so far) journey has been teaching me so much about faith, suffering and God. He’s really drawn near and been faithful. I strive to reflect those lessons in my writing in hopes that God will use that. Hopefully I will have a short story published soon about an MC who deals with chronic pain and the questioning that can come with that.

*Hugs* I’d love to read it, it sounds like a wonderful story. I’ve found that the stories written from personal experience always have something special.

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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