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Brian Stansell


Well hello, Emily!

Welcome! Welcome! I am so glad that you are joining our band of brothers and sisters in the pursuit of creative expressions.

I am one of the “ancient ones” here, but don’t let that alarm you.  My Jedi skills are still being sorted out, and I still have very much to learn, even though I have been at it many, many years.  I am much taller than Yoda, with less ear hair, and I sometimes say things that are actually funny, but don’t often get the responses intended.  A big shepherd’s hook comes out from behind the thick red curtain and seeks to pull me off the stage, but I am getting good at dodging.  The boos and hisses are a little disconcerting, but so far the stage managers have promised to disarm the audience that comes into this theater from their bags of rotten fruit and vegetables.  I did get pinged by someone who threw a hazelnut at me, but so far no bruises. 😜
Feel free to be yourself here.  There are no expectations other than those listed in the Forum Guidelines by the fine folks at Story Embers. Its the usual stuff of Christian decorum: No cussing, no eye-gouging, be uplifting and encouraging, don’t use the forum as a vehicle to market your paid services (no money-changers in the temple), don’t tag the universe (limit 12 disciples 😁), be constructive and helpful rather than critical and demeaning… that sort of thing.
I have been wanting them to add no throwing rotten fruit, but they tell me that this is implied in the list. Penumbras is what I believe they said, but I think it should be more explicit.  They tell me that you can’t get hit by a rotten tomato over the Internet, but I am not sure about that.  There is a ketchup stain that got on my shirt somehow, and I am highly suspicious. 🤔😆

So check out the Forums and Groups.  You can join as many or as few as you like.  Start a Topic of your own, the same way you did here, or check into some of the other Topics out there.
You will find a lot of fun people here that have skill levels and talents all down the spectrum from beginners to veterans of “foreign wars”.  Some are published, some are just writing because they are exploring the Gift God gave them.
We write many kinds of things from poetry, short stories to novellas and grand epic novels that would rival Tolstoy’s tomes.  The consistent part of us is that we all seek to honor King Jesus, for He is the originator of all good things.  We tread in both light places and through dark valleys for we follow where our Good Shepherd leads us.
Don’t be afraid to share the journey you are on, and some of the gifts God has invested in you.  Little is much in the Hands of our Lord.  If you are anything like me, I give Him my five loaves and fishes each day, no matter what I think about them being so small offerings among so many.  God builds massive trees from tiny seeds, all He requires is that we plant them.

My WIP is called “As Morning Comes”, and is in another world, but exactly the same physics etc as ours. It’s about Quin Miller, a young man with a peg leg, and his journey to overcome his shame, guilt and selfishness, and eventually find the people who love him in spite of, or perhaps even because, his disability.

“As Morning Comes” sounds like something I would love!  I write in many genres, (fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, comedy, adventure, poetry, thriller, animal stories, etc.) but my current focus is fantasy, and I am about where Rose is in her work with my current WIP.  My novel is online in my blog, and my MC has a terrible secret that debilitates him, even though he has no physical challenges.  My grandfather in real life did lose part of his leg to diabetic amputation, but he had a good perspective about it and named his prosthetic leg “Pedro” and sometimes would tease us by taking it loose and putting it in the chair with him with a hat on the foot.  He once let it come loose and told us “I think you’re pulling my leg. 😉”  He was a wise man on so many levels and I so miss him since he passed several years ago.  I think some of my humor comes from him.

I’ve been writing for about a year and a half, and I’ve written the first drafts of the first two parts of a trilogy. (I actually finished the first draft of book two a few days ago!) I first want to go back and do one or two revisions before I write the third book and edit everything again. (Repeat ad infinitum XD)

I would love to read your poetry:

I actually have a piece of poetry on the Story Embers blog, if you or your sister is interested. It’s “The Stars are Singing”.

Do you have a direct link to it that you could post here?

Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
I was born in war.
Fighting from my first breath.

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