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Thank you, Rose! I bet you look great in Edwardian hairstyles, I’d love to see them.

Thank you! LOL, it’s mostly an excuse to strew bobby-pins in my wake XD

I write rhymed poetry, slice of life and fantasy (not high fantasy though). What about you? as far as reading, I can’t fit it into a genre: anything well written, entertaining, and clean. I really like the classic authors, though.

That’s awesome! I write fantasy, as I said before, I still haven’t figured out whether it fits into high or low fantasy XD It has no fantasy races or magic, but it’s set in another world. Kind of alternate history, I guess.

That’s also what I like to read, but I enjoy most genres. I love mysteries, some classics, historical fiction, some dystopias and sci-fi.

What are your favorite classic books? My favorites are Great Expectations, The Railway Children, The Secret Garden, and the Anne of Green Gables series.

My WIP is called “As Morning Comes”, and is in another world, but exactly the same physics etc as ours. It’s about Quin Miller, a young man with a peg leg, and his journey to overcome his shame, guilt and selfishness, and eventually find the people who love him in spite of, or perhaps even because, his disability. Thanks for asking. what about you?

That’s so awesome! Adjusting to disabilities is such a cool premise! I actually have an arc like that in my last book, and I’ve been worrying about it and doing as much research as I can get my hands on XD Quin sounds like a cool character!

I’ve been writing for about a year and a half, and I’ve written the first drafts of the first two parts of a trilogy. (I actually finished the first draft of book two a few days ago!) I first want to go back and do one or two revisions before I write the third book and edit everything again. (Repeat ad infinitum XD)

It’s a fantasy with the setting based on Medieval North Africa, which is just so much fun to write! The premise of the first book is that the princess of a desert tribe has to rescue her older brother after he was captured in a raid by an enemy tribe and she has to try to prevent a war.

What’s your favorite part of your WIP? I think my favorite part is my protagonist, Princess Liorah. She’s rebellious, bold, sassy and determined, and she’s just too much fun to write! I also really enjoy the setting and the side characters.

Do you have any hobbies besides writing? I’m a digital artist, I have two horses, one of which I ride, I sew, and I play the Celtic harp!

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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