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First off, I’m so sorry that my replies will probably be getting kind of sporadic. I started school this past Monday, and things are getting busy, so I don’t have as much time as I used to. But I love chatting on here with you, so I don’t want you to think that because I don’t reply for a while, it’s ’cause I’m ignoring the notifications or anything like that… Anyways. XD

Don’t worry about it! Life happens, of course, I understand 😉 Best of success with school! I have about… two weeks of summer left before I start again. (Nope, not looking forward to it XD)

Haha, that’s hilarious! I bet their parchment and ink wasn’t always of the best quality. A song-lyric is much more cheerful!

LOL, exactly! Honestly, it isn’t so different from the sarcastic comments I write in my textbooks XD Humanity hasn’t changed at all XD

I TOTALLY relate to that!

Because St. Luke was a physician, and he’s obviously a side character in TAS, I dove into research about ancient Greek physicians and their methods, beliefs, etc. One of the subplots in TAS is about Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” (which I assigned as a recurrent illness), and Luke treats him. As a result of my research, I learned tons of interesting (and perhaps somewhat disturbing XD) facts about ancient doctors. My friends won’t let me eagerly share my knowledge with them, LOL, and they ask me why I read about such things. I tell them I’m a writer. XD

Ooh, that’s the coolest thing! Tell me the disturbing facts! *Leans forward with extreme excitement*

LOL, what are the weirdest things you’ve researched for your novel?

Here’s some off the top of my head: “Do cows vomit?” “What does a raven sound like when it imitates humans?” “What are the symptoms of broken ribs?” “How do you put in stitches?” All kinds of stuff about weaponry, medieval alchemy and chemistry, and a shocking amount about poisons. I’m relatively well-versed in those by this time XD (So much so that I get kind of mad when I see them in fiction because they’re always used wrong XD)

Oh, and some stuff requires hands-on research. My main character uses a sling? Nothing else to do except braid one and practice. (I actually figured out some pretty interesting stuff by trying it. For example, overhand, underhand, and around your head are all really tricky and you’re totally going to launch something in the wrong direction and the easiest way is by swinging the loaded sling in a flat figure eight in front of you.)

One of my main characters throws her wooden clogs at someone as an improvised weapon? I happen to own clogs, guess what I did? (Only hay bales were harmed in this exercise and I only lost one clog for a few months, but I found it again so it doesn’t matter XD) Fun fact, they’re heavier than they look and you can throw shockingly hard!

Yep, those are definitely the weirdest XD

Oh, that’s such beautiful symbolism! I love books with themes of light and dark. It’s awesome that Liorah gets a name that hints at a theme. That’s truly awesome.

Thank you! (LOL, that was totally accidental, but I’m really happy with it!)

I find it so cool how you look for unique names from different origins for your different tribes! Your worldbuilding must be very fun to write!

Ooh, it is! Thank you 🙂

Oh yes, -ah and -el. XD A while ago I considered changing the spelling of Temira’s name to Temirah, but I decided I highly preferred Temira. I also very briefly gave thought to calling her Zemira, which is also a Hebrew girl name, but no more than a second of thought. XD Zemira just doesn’t fit her character at all. She can never be anything but Temira to me! XD

I like Temira the most! It’s an awesome name, and the spelling is really cool! I think it suits her! Liorah’s name was originally spelled Leora but I didn’t like that. And because vowels are optional in Hebrew, I changed it a bit XD

I found Temira’s name by googling “Hebrew girl names” and looking through several lists before landing on Temira. I thought it was just such a pretty, unique name that fit her sweet, gentle character so perfectly. Funny fact though, the meaning itself doesn’t fit her. Temira means “tall” in Hebrew, and my little Temira is very small. XD

It’s awesome, I love it! Yep, meanings don’t always match up XD

Aww, smol Temira! That’s so cute <3 Faye is my five-foot-nothing smol character. Liorah is like… 5’10” or 5’11” and towers over everyone, even some of the male characters XD I don’t see a lot of that in fiction and I thought it was cool XD

It’s especially funny whenever Liorah and Faye have to go anywhere because Liorah always strides and is like a head taller than Faye so it’s a constant “Wait for me, I have little legs,” scenario and it’s so freaking cute XD

If the character is Hebrew, I’ll search “ancient Hebrew names,” or “ancient Jewish names.” If the character is Gentile, I’ll search “ancient Greek names” or “ancient Roman names.”

For Paul’s two nephews, Reuben and Seth, the naming process was the most interesting of all. Both their names are super symbolic – the most symbolic in the novel.

Aww, poor Temira! Those are awesome! I love how you chose those meanings!

I think the most symbolic character name is the main villain, King Hakan. Hakan is a Turkish name that means King. I named him King King. *Cough* Moon moon *Cough* XD I couldn’t resist, it just struck me as hilarious XD

I agree. A writer who knows something personally and intimately will make their empathy shine through. It’s like being able to help a friend through a tough time because you went through something similar. Like if you hadn’t gone through something similar, you would still care and try to help, but it would be tougher to understand at times.

Exactly! I must say, I love it when I notice that in books.

That’s awesome! With Ariella, she’s a good person at heart who loves Christ, but vengeance is her demon. Her story breaks my heart!

That’s so cool! Aww, I feel so sorry for her 🙁  Poor Ariella!

I know, right!? I want to write Biblical fiction that helps people to know the figures of the Bible intimately and as they were – real people just like us.

I love how personal Paul’s books are! He was so passionate and raw in everything he wrote. It really makes his tenderness shine through.

Exactly! That’s what I love about them too! It feels real and personal.

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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