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Looking at your examples of using motion in descriptions and trying to utilize verbs, I’ll I can say is that is a great point. That description of the dress by using verbs was fantastic, and I even liked the melodramatic one. One always has to have those flouncing dresses.   xD I already had this tip of describing movement written down, but I hadn’t thought of it in relation to physical descriptions.

Awesome! I’m glad it helped!

Though, now that I think about it, I kinda already use it. For instance, I wouldn’t ever write: The large, high-backed chair had curving lines.

Instead I would write: The large chair’s high back rose up like an intricate wall, and sinuous swirls ran down the polished limbs.

Ooh, that’s a good one! During the later stages of editing, you can often go through and search ‘was’ ‘were’ and ‘had’. You don’t have to cut all of them, of course, but sometimes you can put it a better way. (Once again, no known rules exist for a first draft. As long as it exists 🙂 )

Thanks for the once again sound advice! From what I’ve seen of your writing, I definitely think you’re skilled enough to self-publish a book, but that’s up to you of course. But if you ever need an alpha or beta reader for that purpose, I might be interested.

Thanks for your kind words! I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

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