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Brian Stansell


Hi Noah,


particularly when it comes to writing descriptions of stone, wood, and cloth objects, such as: jewelry, trinkets, furniture, carvings, cutlery, medieval transportation vehicles, clothing, and any opulent decoration or artistic work

Metal: dappled, patina, sheen, silvered, opalescent, marbled, shimmering, burnished, brazen, prismatic, bronzed, flame-kissed, blued, glint, tarnished, encrusted, rusted, oxidized, polished, honed, gilded, forged, wrought, cast, blackened, milled, alloyed, textured, grained, brushed, hammered, corrugated, galvanized, ionized, anodized, etc.

Wood: parquet, inlaid, scrolled, beveled, polished, carved, milled, crosscut, roughcut, aged, grayed, splintered, antiqued, oiled, polished, buffed, corded, corked, balsa, ash, mahogany, cypress, pine, spruce, fir, beech, maple, oak, redwood, acacia, teak, bleached, burled, smoked, onlay, filigreed, rustic, imprinted, embossed, etc.

Cloth: printed, patterned, houndstooth, paisely, embroidered, stamped, dyed, inked, stonewashed, distressed, shredded, weathered, patched, patchwork, motley, festive, floral, taffeta, bodiced, empire waist, draped, cowled, caped, hooded, sashed, epaulets, spats, regal ermine, fringed, buckskinned, hammered leather, bonded leather, molded leather, oilskin, satin, broadcloth, duster, tailored, cumberbund, dapper, dandy, foppish, checkered, festooned, singed, gathered, fanned, flourished, sleek, sequined, rhinestoned, mottled, striped, dotted, v-cut, scalloped, boat neck, scooped, turtlenecked, plunging neck, backless, strapless, coquettish, square-necked, corduroy, etc.

Whew…! I am sure there are many more.
I think comparative usage of similes and metaphors might be a nice shift to create an allusion, beyond just simple descriptors.

I know I harp on it, but Dean Koontz comes up with so many awesome ways to describe ordinary objects in extraordinary ways.  Look for ways a favorite author does this too, to get a sense of the metal, wood, and clothing descriptions using some surprising similarities between them.  (Eg. Her dress was an amalgam of luminescent scales, as she moved fish-like through a sea of turning heads.  Turtles, she thought bemused. Men were nothing more than mere turtles, hiding her grin beneath her gloved hand.)

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