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Joy C. Woodbury


Yeah, it was actually estimated that at least one person in every household could read, even among peasants. And as far as I know, nuns did also write. By medieval times, I’m pretty sure scribes mostly did administrative work and reproduced manuscripts.

WOAH! Your findings are so cool! That’s especially awesome that nuns wrote.

And oh my goodness, I just searched up Onfim. That is just ADORABLE. I love how the drawing is so scribbly!

Yes, antagonists can be awesome to pull your heroes back to earth. In my first book, most of the characters are antagonists in some way (Mostly because Liorah isn’t acting rationally or wisely and everyone is trying to talk sense into her XD) They can be so awesome!

Antagonists are great. I’m so glad they exist in stories! XD Things just wouldn’t be complete without them.

By the way, is there a specific reason you chose to name your character Liorah? First of all, I love the name, and second, while searching for names for my two newest TAS characters, I came across Liorah in the Hebrew girl names list. It means “light unto me” and does originate from Hebrew. So pretty!

LOL, exactly! I spread my issues around fairly! Gavril gets perfectionism and overachieving, Liorah gets stubbornness and defiance, Faye gets timidity and shyness, Ziyad (another character of mine) gets anxiety XD I could go on like this, but they all get some messed-up-ness XD That makes it much more interesting to write XD

Haha, I love it! Same here. I find myself relating to Paul on a lot of issues too, actually, lol. Mainly his guilt over his past – which is actually what I enjoy portraying most in TAS. Seth, his adoptive nephew, gets all the anger, impatience, and frustration I struggle with. XD And Reuben, the elder (biological) nephew, gets the doubt and skepticism. Ariella, the newest addition, gets the struggle between forgiveness and vengeance. (Her name used to be Keziah, but I renamed her. XD)

It’s awesome that you’ve been writing so long! That’s amazing! I hated creative writing with a burning passion until about eighteen months ago XD

A friend actually inspired me to start writing. And I was getting extremely frustrated with returning books because they turned the wrong way in the middle. I basically decided the bar was so low that even I couldn’t write anything worse. And that was at the start of the ‘Rona, so I was bored.

My sole motivation was boredom and spite. LOL

Thank you!

Every motivation counts! And I believe God grants motivation, so if you were motivated to write, He’s got a plan for that. If it involves publication or if it doesn’t.

I’ve never done much research into publication. I knew when I started that I wasn’t going to publish. Mostly, I’m not happy with the quality of my work yet. I still have too much to learn and it’s not ready for publication. Also, it’s a trilogy, and that’s notoriously hard to sell as a debut if I was planning to publish traditionally.

I totally get that. I won’t be ready to publish my Biblical fiction for a very long time. Right now is the time God is teaching me to wait, be patient, and just to enjoy the ride. It’s completely okay if you’re not planning to publish, and like I mentioned before, God has a plan for every writer that may or may not be publication. As for me, I had much different plans for my writing before God changed it all, and I’ve still got lots to learn!

Besides, I’m writing in a nonexistent genre XD It’s too Christian for a secular market, but it’s a fantasy, which you can’t really sell easily to a Christian publisher. (I have read only a handful of ‘Christian fantasy’ books and I disliked all of them. They really love the allegory, don’t they?) Besides, getting a book deal is a pretty big commitment, and I’m not planning to write full-time anytime soon.

I agree with you on the Christian fantasy. I haven’t liked any of the ones I’ve read, besides Narnia and Jenna Terese’s Ignite. (Now those are more than quality reads.) I love allegory when it’s done biblically as in Narnia, but I feel that many Christian fantasy authors tend to miss the point. Just not my cup of tea, I guess!

I’m not planning to write full-time, either (another reason I’m considering self-publishing much more seriously). I may be looking very far into the future, lol, but I feel called to a divinity degree and full-time ministry. I believe God is calling me to keep writing a part of my life, but not as a full-time career.

This is just for me to have fun with and write down all the sarcastic comments I’m too shy to say irl XD

LOL, that’s awesome! XDD

It’s so awesome that you’re going to publish! I’m sure it’ll do great, especially since it’s just a really cool premise! If I saw it in the store, I’d totally pick it up! It’d be awesome to see Paul from a closer perspective.

Thank you so much! I appreciate that a lot! <3

I love how Temira’s POV provides that closer perspective. It’s the most important thing that fuels TAS. Paul’s sister’s POV shows the very down-to-earth, intimate, relatable side of him (he was an actual human being, after all! XD). Of course, Paul is St. Paul to us, but to Temira he is just Paul her brother. She sees him as a normal little sister would see her big brother. XD She does revere him greatly, but she is not in awe or fearful of him. He’s her brother, and will always be just that first and foremost to her.

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