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I have never considered this for my characters. Probably ’cause they all write in Greek. Actually, it’s a funny thing that Temira actually knows how to write at all! Jewish women back then, as I’m sure you know, couldn’t get an education, so they certainly weren’t taught to write. Or read. But Paul believes they shouldn’t be deprived of knowing as much Scripture as they can, so he teaches Temira to read AND write. That ends up being super useful to her in ministry, ’cause she’s actually a kind of leader herself!

LOL, all my characters probably have different writing systems too, this was just one of those random bits of information they threw at me XD

That’s so cool that Paul decided to teach her that! I’m actually just waiting for someone to point out that the literacy rate of my medieval characters is shockingly high. Ahaha, I have an entire essay on how literacy was actually way higher than we thought, almost 50%! (And the evidence we had that peasants did read and write) And since one of my characters is a scribe, and two others are royal, that’s a good explanation. XD

Ooh, she sounds like a super cool villain! The villain in the first part of my book is pure evil. XD He does the things he does partly because he’s always been jealous of his brother (who died years ago) and wants to take it out on his niece and nephew. Namely, Temira and Paul. XD The other part of his motivation is simply because he’s mad his nephew has turned into a “blasphemer” and wants to teach him a lesson.

She’s indeed awesome, but she only features in the second book.

Those kinds of villains totally have their place, and that’s actually a pretty solid motivation!

The main villain for the series, Hakan, is the king of an enemy tribe. His motivation is that his wife was killed in a war and he’s determined to make sure that there’ll never be another civil war. Mostly by causing one. Yeah, nobody else gets it either, but it makes sense to him. He’s very long-term focused, so he’ll willingly cause one war if it means there’ll be peace after that. He’s thoroughly messed up since he’s absolutely convinced that he’s the hero and the actual heroes are the villains.

I don’t know him that well yet. I’m interested to see how he turns out because I entirely despise him already. XD

Wow, really? It’s always fun when we can use our real-life hobbies in our novels. Even better, giving one of our hobbies to a character. XD

Exactly! One of my future characters (The lighthousekeeper’s daughter, if you remember her) is actually a seamstress, so that’ll be fun!

That’s epic!! Horses are awesome animals. I love them. And I just live for animal sidekicks. You must let me read one of those trick riding fight scenes sometime. How fun that must be to write! But poor Faye. XD

Samee!! Animal sidekicks are usually my favorite characters XD

I have written them, but they were all written while I was super inexperienced and had no idea what I was doing, so they’re kinda terrible XD I do look forward to rewriting them!

LOL, Faye gets spooked everything, especially near the beginning. She’s the shyest and most timid of all my characters. (Liorah absolutely scared her to death XD) Is Faye the character I relate to the most and the one that I project all my awkwardness and anxiety onto? NooOO, neVeR! Why would you think such a thing? XD

*realizes I’ve never actually HEARD anyone play a lyre, nor researched how it works* I think so far I only have like one lyre-plying scene, and I literally just describe that Paul strummed it, not a bunch of detail on the sound or anything. Lol.

LOL, YouTube is a lifesaver there! I usually look up both videos of experienced people playing it, and videos of beginners or instructional videos, just enough to get a feel for how the instrument works. It gives you a bunch of little details you can add that make it feel much more real! I had to do that with several different instruments XD

What’s a rebab? *looks it up* That’s a very unique-looking instrument! Kind of like a guitar, in a way?

Maybe? I know whenever I google it I get a lot of results for Rubab, which is a south-east-Asian instrument. I’d say the rebab is close to a violin, except it’s held vertically, only has two or three strings and the tension of the bow is regulated manually by pulling it tighter or looser. It has a very cool sound which was quite hard to describe!

Same, Liorah, same. *sad noises*

LOL, that was totally based on personal experience XD I find it especially amusing that Liorah has an awful voice and makes that everyone else’s problem by loudly singing entirely off-key whenever she likes XD I wish I had her confidence. XD

Thanks so much!   I’ve never loved a story like I love this one. Writing it is kind of my statement of faith since it’s actually the very first novel I’ve written with the intention of witnessing for Jesus and getting it published. I know this is the story He means for me to write.

I went with the tentmaker interpretation for my book. Research seemed to indicate that it was more likely.

That’s awesome! How many novels have you written (or started)? How are you planning to publish, traditionally or self-publishing?

Oh, that’s cool! That is the most common interpretation. It would totally work!



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