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Noah Cochran


My goal is to create a story that’s good enough, not one that’s perfect, because I know I’ll grow faster by learning from mistakes on finished products than polishing the same story for three years (which I’ve also done).

I very much agree with this sentiment, especially when it comes to the quality of one’s prose. They’ll never be perfect, they can always be better, and there will always be at least 100 people with better prose than one’s self, so just get them good enough.

What is ProWritingAid? Would you be willing to show me your checklist? I have a similar checklist scattered about (though I should probably make a more official one), but I’m curious what yours looks like.

Google docs dictation tool does not work well for me, but it’s not really because the tool is bad, it’s because I have a hard time formulating even half way decent prose verbally. I’m not a terrible public speaker, but composing prose is a whole other deal.



But I do find I have some chapters that need to be like 1500 words long and some are 4000 words long. It just works out that way.

Absolutely, chapter two in my WIP is around 1800, and chapter six is around 6700.

Oh, so you’re actually writing first draft for multiple books in the series instead of working b-lining the publication of the first one? I think my sister plans to do something similar.

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