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Joy C. Woodbury


It’s actually really funny, when I finished the first draft, I knew nothing about my characters except their roles and some vague personality traits. Now, I could recognize any of my characters by their handwriting.

Haha, I’ve found character profiles SUPER helpful with that!

Liorah has extremely messy scrawly handwriting, Gavril’s is more cursive than you’d expect but very neat and legible. Faye either writes very neatly or so illegible she can’t even decipher it herself. Sahar is the kind of person who dots her i’s with hearts or smiley faces and puts in unnecessary loops in weird places.

XD I have never considered this for my characters. Probably ’cause they all write in Greek. Actually, it’s a funny thing that Temira actually knows how to write at all! Jewish women back then, as I’m sure you know, couldn’t get an education, so they certainly weren’t taught to write. Or read. But Paul believes they shouldn’t be deprived of knowing as much Scripture as they can, so he teaches Temira to read AND write. That ends up being super useful to her in ministry, ’cause she’s actually a kind of leader herself!

She’s intriguing and definitely has some good in her, but she’s gotten extremely traumatized and messed up and completely denies the truth in every circumstance because she can’t bear it. She’s a fascinating villain.

Ooh, she sounds like a super cool villain! The villain in the first part of my book is pure evil. XD He does the things he does partly because he’s always been jealous of his brother (who died years ago) and wants to take it out on his niece and nephew. Namely, Temira and Paul. XD The other part of his motivation is simply because he’s mad his nephew has turned into a “blasphemer” and wants to teach him a lesson.

I use Krita, which is a free PC program you can download on Krita. org

Cool! I’ll give it a try.

I use the Wacom Intuos. (One of the smaller sizes.) If you’re looking for one of those, you have to make sure it’s pressure-sensitive. That’s how you get variation in brushes. It’s next to impossible to draw with a mouse. (Trust me, I’ve tried XD)

I’ll have to look into that then! I won’t try to draw with my mouse. XD

I do find myself regularly thinking about how the pattern pieces would fit together for this dress my character is wearing or which seams could have pockets or how this or that fabric drapes XD

Wow, really? It’s always fun when we can use our real-life hobbies in our novels. Even better, giving one of our hobbies to a character. XD

Their tribe uses cavalry a lot more than others, and they both have horse sidekicks. XD (Not very subtly based on my own horses. XD) To have some fun with that, I also made Liorah excellent at trick riding, which makes for some very cool fight scenes. (And it horrifies the other characters, especially Faye who is timid around an animal larger than a cat.) Gavril is mentioned to be good at it too, but he doesn’t actually do it on-screen, as far as I remember.

That’s epic!! Horses are awesome animals. I love them. And I just live for animal sidekicks. You must let me read one of those trick riding fight scenes sometime. How fun that must be to write! But poor Faye. XD

You also have a more limited range with the lyre. Or you might just have to retune more often? I don’t know, actually   The key difference I hear is that a lyre sounds… stringier? It sounds like a harp played close to the soundbox or a cross between a harp and a guitar. It’s a very cool sound!

*realizes I’ve never actually HEARD anyone play a lyre, nor researched how it works* I think so far I only have like one lyre-plying scene, and I literally just describe that Paul strummed it, not a bunch of detail on the sound or anything. Lol.

It’s so cool that both Temira and Paul are musical! That’s such an awesome thing for them to share!

Maybe I need more musical scenes…

Sahar is the only musical one of my group. She has a lovely singing voice and she plays a string instrument called a rebab.

What’s a rebab? *looks it up* That’s a very unique-looking instrument! Kind of like a guitar, in a way?

Liorah is probably the least musical one, her singing voice is kind of a running joke. XD

Same, Liorah, same. *sad noises*

Oh, I’ve been thinking about your WIP, (Quite a lot, actually. It’s just a really cool premise XD) I was curious to know which interpretation of Paul’s trade you chose, the tent-maker one or the tallit-maker one.

Thanks so much! 😀 I’ve never loved a story like I love this one. Writing it is kind of my statement of faith since it’s actually the very first novel I’ve written with the intention of witnessing for Jesus and getting it published. I know this is the story He means for me to write.

I went with the tentmaker interpretation for my book. Research seemed to indicate that it was more likely.

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