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Sam M


Hi, Brian. Nice to meet you! (Also, I love Monk). 🙂

If you could erase something from existence by casting it out of time, what would it be, and would you rather have its ripple effect be permanent and live with the consequences where no one knew you were responsible ~OR~ would you rather it be temporary, so that you could reverse what was done, but it would expose you for having done it? (only those choices are the options)

Judah: Can I erase evil? Injustice? Murder? I would erase evil and do it permanently, if that’s an option. Not sure if that’s asking for too much. Also, though…it’d be nice to erase my parents’ murders from existence. Permanently.

Would you rather pour your time into something good though you knew it was doomed to fail, or do invest in something bad if you knew something good might come out of it?

Judah: Something good. I’ve done a lot of bad things and, even though some good may have came out of it, I don’t want to add another to the list.

New Question: would you rather be completely fearless (to the point of danger) or struggle with your phobias every day?

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