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Would you rather wear the same outfit every day (it’s clean, it’s just that all your outfits are the same) or wear a different outfit every day for the rest of your life?

Dayton: “I don’t care. As long as it is clean and professional in appearance, it matters little what I wear.”

Alan: “Bor-ing. I’ll rather a different outfit everyday!”

Rob: “Wearing the same uniform isn’t anything new to me.”

Jim: “Don’t really matter.”

Megyn: “Though it doesn’t really matter, I think I would prefer to wear a different outfit everyday.”

If you could erase something from existence by casting it out of time, what would it be, and would you rather have its ripple effect be permanent and live with the consequences where no one knew you were responsible ~OR~ would you rather it be temporary, so that you could reverse what was done, but it would expose you for having done it? (only those choices are the options)

Dayton: “Permanent change. I will never regret it.”

Alan: “Uhh . . . *leans over to Megyn* “What does all that mean? . . . *listens while she explains in a whisper* “Okay, I’d rather it be temporary. I can do my best to make it up to people.”

Rob: “Permanent.”

Jim: “Depend on what it was. . .” *swallows* *looks at the ground* “Guess I’d want it to be permanent.”

Megyn: *nods*

Would you rather stay 10 forever or have very bad bones?

Dayton: “I AM NOT answering this!”

Alan: “I’ll stay ten! That would be awesome!!”

Rob: “I’ll stay ten.”

Jim: “Same.”

Megyn: *laughs* “Yeah, same.”

Would you rather be faceless or shapeless?

Dayton: *very decidedly* “Faceless.”

Alan: “Why?”

Dayton: “There won’t be any distractions that way.”

Alan: “HUH?”

Rob: “Neither.”

Jim: “Faceless.”

Megyn: “I guess faceless . . . ”


New Question: Would you rather pour your time into something good though you knew it was doomed to fail, or do invest in something bad if you knew something good might come out of it?

Psalm 119:11
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

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