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Taylor Clogston

This is true for a very specific kind of writer, one who is fine with reworking their book over and over until it works. That’s not going to work for many indie writers who need to be writing a good enough first draft, sending it to an editor, making one round of edits, and then publishing.

For that kind of writer, “writer’s block” means “I don’t know how this scene/etc. is supposed to work,” and they need to build the toolset to come up with a workable solution from uncertainty instead of just spamming the keyboard and worrying about it on a rewrite.

As someone who tends toward pantsing but also needs to quickly write “good enough” first drafts, I had to learn some plotting techniques like setting goals for big sections of a book and then moving to finer levels of granularity, or setting research goals where I have the goal of learning the basics of how a system generally works and then how it probably applies to my case (and then running it by someone who knows way more about it than me) instead of sitting down with a whole book or three about the subject mid-draft.

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