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Nice! 15.5k is great! So, you mentioned finishing your first draft for your YA fantasy, are you in the editing stage for it now? Or what are you currently working on?

Well, my current project is actually a trilogy. I’m very, very close to finishing the first draft of the second book, (I’m on 95k, I only have the finale/climax left to write, and then finish everything off. It has a dual POV, so it turned out longer than I thought.)

After that, I’m going back to completely rewriting the first book. (A large part of it is barely salvageable garbage and I have to cut out entire chapters and add completely new ones.) Anyway, I’m really looking forward to rewriting, since I know my characters so much better now! It’s also really fun to see it coming closer to the book I’m imagining!

The original plan was to write a standalone but then my main character (Who is a snarky brat in the most extreme sense of the word) ran off with the plot so I had to change the plan.

I am currently reading Skyward, so make sure that no spoilers slip off your tongue.   Yes, Spensa is the shining star of that book.   Jerkface (aka, Jorgen, which btw, I like that name a lot), is an…interesting fellow. But Spensa does her share of…unscrupulous acts well. xD

Jorgen, that’s right! I remember being really annoyed by him in the first part of the first book. I’d say my other favorite character is M-Bot! (I don’t know if you’ve met him yet, but he’s awesome!) I won’t say anything else 😉 I can’t actually remember anything else, it’s been a while XD

My chapters usually end up being 2000-3000 words, so at least that’s pretty close to okay. I prefer chapters that are a minimum of 3k though.

That’s a good length! But I do find I have some chapters that need to be like 1500 words long and some are 4000 words long. It just works out that way.


2000 words an hour?! That’s super impressive! I’m lucky if I can get 1200 words in a day.

Thank you!

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