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Linyang Zhang

@noah-cochran I usually write 200-300 words per ten minutes by hand so that would be about 1200-1800 words per hour by hand, and on the computer is about the same.

My writing schedule… I try to write five pages a day, so about an hour of writing a day if I don’t get distracted. Usually I do that after breakfast, and then later go write other things that I don’t have set schedules for. Of course, all this is about to change with school starting, so I will have to completely reorganize my allotted 24 hours. But yeah, over the summer I basically wrote my required stuff in the morning, and did my other stuff in the afternoon.

Lastly… I don’t know how to answer that question. I usually don’t write very long works, with one installment ranging from 60k to 80k, but to me anything over 100k is very long. And what I prefer to read… I actually haven’t read fantasy in a very long time, I lost my taste for medieval fantasy at some point in life, and for books in general except for classic lit… But if I was reading something I enjoyed, I wouldn’t care how long it was! So yeah, you do you.

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