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Interesting questions.  I’ll take the last two because I don’t really keep track of how many words per hour I write (actually, I try to get in 1200 words a day… at least, I keep telling myself that XD)

Generally, I like to write in the morning and edit other projects in the afternoon.

As for book lengths, I’d say I prefer around 50,000 words (give or take) because a lot of the books I love are MG and are in that word length range.


“Here is a photo of just some of the writing craft books in my library.”

*eyes bulge* Wow. That’s a huge stack of books! If you don’t mind me asking, which one is your most favorite?

“I have written multiple manuscripts from kid’s fiction, starting at the young age of seven to larger works of Sci-Fi and Fantasy.”

Cool! I write for kids as well. Have you had any of your kids’ manuscripts published? Also, thank you for visiting our blog! (I know it was a while ago, but I have been a bit behind in checking WordPress updates *haha*)


2000 words an hour?! That’s super impressive! I’m lucky if I can get 1200 words in a day.

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. — Ernest Hemingway

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