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Noah Cochran

Nearly 2k words an hour? Wow Rose, you’ve got skills. I also type fairly fast, but I’m only just now getting to the point where I can get close to 1k words an hour. If you can even do 1500 words an hour, you could breeze through NaNoWriMo. You could pump out 6k words a day with just four hours in the morning. You should do NaNoWriMo and then flaunt your skills when you write 150,000 words in a month instead of 50,000. xD

How many words did you write in your record breaking week? My schedule right now consists of getting up at a good time in the morning (6:00-7:00, unless I’m feeling lazy) and writing for 90-120 minutes. After that, I just write sporadically through the day. When school and college start up this Fall though, I’m going to have to really form a stricter schedule if I’m going to get writing done. When I first started writing, I told myself I was going to do pure sprints. However, now I really just find myself getting lost in the writing, and not paying much attention to time (though if I hit a mental block, I’ll really try to push through it fast). I should probably do a sprint sometime, to get closer to the that 2k an hour. This morning I wrote for 90 minutes and got out 1500 words.

I prefer longer books much more. The longer the better, is my typical belief (unless it’s just long because the author filled it with bloat and verbose descriptions). Sanderon’s YA books are still over 100k (at least Skyward is).

Anything over 120k is too hard to sell, especially for a debut novel.

This is interesting, because if you look at a lot of first books for authors in fantasy and medieval fiction, they are usually range from 150k-400k. Which I’m good with, because it’s hard to make something feel epic if it’s not long. I am not a fan of novellas. xD


Hey, you made me think of another question for @everyone. How long in words do you like chapters to be, and what word count per chapter do you aim for in your own writing?

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