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SAAAME! *sobs* All my poor characters suffer so much!

LOL, exactly! I both enjoy seeing them overcome hard things and feel extremely guilty about enjoying their misery XD

I pretty much never figure out my character’s favorite color, LOL. When I think about it, I’m just like, “Ok maybe black ’cause their personality is a bit dark?” XD I think Temira’s favorite color would be green, though. She’s peace-loving and she strikes me as the kind of person who likes nature, so… green seems to denote both things.

That’s so cool! I associate each of my characters with a specific color (For some reason? I don’t know why, except that I love color and I’m generally a pretty visual person XD)

Anyway, Liorah is all kinds of warm reds and oranges, Gavril is a very dark, kinda brownish burgundy color. Sahar is bright violet, and Faye (Oh, I don’t think I’ve mentioned her yet?) is a very soft, powdery green. She’s the nature girl, like Temira. XD

Oh, goodness! *wonders how a highly-skilled assassin could succumb to a goose*

LOL, don’t underestimate geese! They’re vicious little beasts XD

I play fast-pitch softball. My position is pitcher and I love it. It feels awesome to strike someone out. XD

I love theology, too, and studying it a lot. I want to be a pastor when I grow up, so yeah, that’s an interest of mine. I enjoy being on ministry teams and class office at school.

I also sketch once in a while. XD

How about you?

Ooh, that’s so awesome! It’s amazing that you feel called to be a pastor! Softball sounds really cool as well!

I draw too! Mostly digitally, but I’m practicing more with pencils as well. It’s my one true love besides writing XD (I drew my profile picture, it’s a concept for a character in a future book and just generally a cool design.) I’ve drawn my characters literally dozens and dozens of times XD

I have two horses, one of which I ride. (That’s the only sport I’m decent at XD) I sew, sometimes embroider, and do other handiwork like that. I’ve been playing the Celtic harp for about six years as well!

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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