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Yay! I’ll let you know when I have that short story done, then. Prequels are a lot of fun – and really good for seeing the backstory play out in real time, that way it doesn’t seem so distant.

Totally! I actually have a bunch of backstories that may be fun to write– *Remembers how tragic almost all the backstories are.* Ummm, on second thought, I don’t think I can deal with that right now. XD I just want my characters to be happy and have nice conversations and eat cookies *I say while at least four of my characters are currently dying, injured, or both* XD

TOTALLY! I just feel like I need to get to know my characters much better before I’m able to realistically write their story. The only thing about character profiles is that I plan out everyone’s motivation, desire, fear, flaw, lie, etc., and then I get overwhelmed with thinking I won’t be able to portray it so majestically in the actual story. XD

Exactly! I can’t write them if I don’t know them! I do that too, and I often fill out a character arc sheet (That I adapted from a book XD).

I don’t like character questionnaires, they just kinda bore me XD Sometimes it helps to think about the questions, but I do not care about their favorite stuffed animal as a kid.

(Though sometimes my characters just randomly tell me stuff like their favorite color or favorite sound or something irrelevant, and then it gets worked into the WIP because I can’t waste that important information XD)

Something else I like to do is drop them into the character castles on here to develop them more, try out their backstories, and discover their voice. And sometimes I drop in two characters at a time to develop their relationship. It’s helped me a ton and usually helps me fall in love with writing the character even more.

Also, it’s just so much fun XD Where else would I be able to drop Liorah, my desert princess, into a sci-fi castle and have her turn summersaults in zero-gravity while taunting her brother? (I swear this actually happened.) And one of my villains, a highly-skilled assassin, recently got bitten by a goose. It’s chaos XD

And I totally agree with being afraid you won’t get it on paper the right way! That’s so hard! But you’ll get it and it’ll be even better than you imagined! <3

Winter, White and Wicked has been pretty good so far, although I’m only like 25 pages into the story. I don’t read a ton of fantasy (beyond Lewis lol), so it will be an interesting experience for me. I’ll definitely let you know when I’m finished if it’s something I would recommend!

Awesome! I enjoy fantasy when I can find a good one, but it’s kinda hard XD I don’t like reading books with magic (I just don’t like it) and it’s really hard to find any good fantasies without it. But some of my favorite books are fantasy and it’s still my favorite genre XD

Do you have any hobbies besides writing?

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