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Hi Natalie!

Thank you for mentioning me, Noah, and Brian!


I know Rose (rose-colored-fancy) has a particular skill for the nuances of characters and can describe a very fluid scene.

Wait, what? I do?   XD Thank you so much, Brian!


She has only been writing for around a year she tells me, so she is still an amateur (though quite a good one if you ask me),

Thank you! Yep, entirely correct! I have no clue what I’m doing XD  I try, and I’ll be happy to help if I can XD

As for the mentor question, I agree with Brian and Noah. I don’t have one specific mentor, but I have many people on SE that I go to for advice. (A lot XD) Everyone here has different experiences and different skill sets and there’s always someone who can help.

As Noah said, books and Youtubers! It isn’t as personalized, but I’ve learned an awful lot because of it.

I highly recommend posting some of your writing on here for feedback. (It’s helped me a lot) Either like how Noah’s been doing it, with short excerpts and specific questions, or somewhere like on Brian’s Audio Cinema (Highly recommended, very awesome)

Or even via something like the Character Castles! They’re so awesome because you can just drop your characters in and have some fun with them and get to know them better. I do a lot of experimentation on there. (Backstories! Character voice! Weird POV’s! *quizzical look at that one second-person part I wrote*) And you get feedback from people who by that point love your characters too. (And you get to read about their incredible characters!!) It’s awesome!

I also need to add, the inner critic is very annoying, and allowing yourself to write trash is an important part of the process XD Just finish the trash, you can fix it later XD. *Glances at 75k manuscript of my first book, soon to be rewritten. Every single word is terrible and awful, but I learned a ton!* (I’m mostly talking to myself. Self-doubt is nasty and frequent.)

I believe a mentor would be cool if I was planning to publish, but until that point, SE is awesome and I’ve learned more about writing via the amazing folks here than anywhere else!

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