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Noah Cochran


Hey Natalie! A writing mentor would be fantastic to have, in particular one who is a successful full time writer (or has been in the past), as having a mentor or private tutor in many academic or career areas would be. However, it is very possible to teach yourself writing, by using the many online or book resources on how to write available, as well as just reading a lot. Having other want to be writers or English lovers, or even people who just read a lot of books around to analyze your writing and give you tips is a great addition to those of us to teach ourselves how to write and don’t have a mentor (like me). I started writing a little over two months ago, and I first started by watching booktuber writing advice (like Abbie Emmons and Brandon Sanderson) and reading books on story structure and character development (mostly by K.M Weiland).

I then started practice writing sessions where I would envision a scene and a few characters, and then put it on paper. After I had practiced writing for a while, I had a friend who read’s a lot, my sister who has been writing for a while now, a friends mom who is good at editing, and an English loving Texan all go over my writing, including some of my early chapters in my WIP. That had helped me out, as well as just been encouraging to have people to talk about writing with.

Lastly, as Brian says, a website like this can be useful to find people willing to take a look at your writing and give you advice. Also, I second Brian’s recommendation of Rose (@rose-colored-fancy). She had helped me out a lot, and gone through quite a bit of my writing. She has only been writing for around a year she tells me, so she is still an amateur (though quite a good one if you ask me), but I’m sure her advice would be useful to you. And if you have questions on hairstyles for your character, she can definitely help you out. 🙂

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