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I’m on the second draft, but right now I’m doing a lot of preparation like character profiles and stuff. It’s quite exciting! I won’t be ready for beta readers for The Apostle’s Sister itself for quite a while, but I’m writing a prequel short story for one of the characters that I may ask for feedback on when I’m done if you’re interested.

Ooh, that’s so cool! I’d love to read it! Prequel short stories are extremely useful for solidifying backstory! In fact, I have a couple I’m thinking about writing down. (Once I feel like it XD)

Glad to see I’m not the only one who does the first draft and then spends months developing the characters before rewriting! That’s exactly what I’ve been doing and it does help so much. I have a much better idea of all my characters and that makes it so much easier to revise!

SAME! I absolutely cannot STAND all those “nOt lIkE oThEr GiRlS” characters. XD Yeah, it’s so irritating!

Ugh, yes! *eye roll*

That book sounds wonderful! I’ll have to put it on my super long TBR. XD I’m gonna read Winter, White and Wicked by Shannon Dittemore next (it’s gonna arrive in the mail tomorrow), and then I have a few more to read, then I’ll read this one!

Ooh, that book sounds cool! I readily admit, my book selection is based on covers, titles, blurbs, and recommendations XD (In that order XD) *Looks it up* OOooohHH! The cover is so pretty! That looks interesting, the idea for the setting sounds very cool. Tell me if you liked it!


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