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Natalie Cone


I hope it’s okay if I reply without being tagged! 🙂 I do almost all of my story notes (initial brainstorming, world building notes, outline, etc) on paper. I have a designated “ideas” notebook for my WIP where I keep all of my notes (which often becomes disorganized if I fail to flag important pages). I always type my synopses on the computer, though. After I’ve finished a draft, I take notes by hand during my first read-through. Pen and paper does take longer, but I find I remember information better.

I love this!! There’s something satisfying and magical about using pen and paper. ❤️


Yes Trello can be dragged and changed around. You have lists (brainstorming, first draft, second draft, characters, etc) and within the lists you create cards. You can link documents to the cards, so if you’re like me, and you like having a separate document for each chapter, you can drag the cards from one list to the next (like dragging the chapter 1 card from the first draft list to second draft list). You can also label the cards with color codes, which help me mark the spot in the outline that chapter needs to fall, or you can use the labels to mark which characters are in that chapter. You can customize the labels to whatever you need them to be.

Peace, Love, and Pickles! ✌

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