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Oh, that sounds cool! It is rather difficult trying to put your own story into six words though, or it was for me anyway. I was like “there’s so much to it that I can’t just do six words!” 😛 Haha


Ya, it’s a nice post to come back into the community with. 🙂 Nice to meet you too! *waves back* I’m actually not sure how long I’ve been on Story Embers. I think going on two years, but I’m not totally sure. How about you?

I’m a writer. Of course I have a WIP! 😉 😀 Haha Here’s the blurb for it, though I’ve recently started working on another one, so it’s not technically my main WIP at the moment. (I’ll give you the blurb for my new story when I make one I’m only just now plotting it out.)

Justin Luke and Jennifer Lynn. One twin in Heaven, one twin on Earth. Both dream of the other. When they meet under miraculous odds, a strong friendship unfolds. But Justin is forced to make a life changing decision: save Jennifer or himself. Will he make the sacrifice and let love prevail?

Assuming you have a WIP, what’s it about?

Hahaha, that’s funny. Then my mom probably would, because she’s really nice and pretty much everyone likes her because of it. So maybe you two would really hit it off. xD

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