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Bethania Gauterius


I got Scrivener for my birthday and I really love it! It helps keep everything organized without having to open dozens of folders for it.


Also, Scrivener is awesome for organizing notes and other things. I use it once in a while and would recommend!

At first I didn’t think Scrivener would be useful for me, but the more I keep hearing about it, the more it sounds like something I’d really like! Maybe in the next year or so.


I do almost all of my story notes (initial brainstorming, world building notes, outline, etc) on paper. I have a designated “ideas” notebook for my WIP where I keep all of my notes (which often becomes disorganized if I fail to flag important pages). I always type my synopses on the computer, though.

After I’ve finished a draft, I take notes by hand during my first read-through. Pen and paper does take longer, but I find I remember information better.

Your process sounds similar to mine. I have a lot of notes in a notebook that I label with sticky tabs (e.g., blue for notes on this character, yellow for plot points, etc.). I’m working on keeping the messy brainstormings in the notebook and typing up the cleaner “final” notes into a Google doc. I haven’t finished a novel draft yet, but I really like Google’s comment feature for leaving myself editing notes. Do you print out your drafts?


One thing I’ve found is that if I don’t keep it, or I don’t remember it, then it’s usually not that important for the actual storyline. If it’s important for story, I remember it.

I get a lot of good ideas when I’m trying to fall asleep, so I have to force myself to write them down. Otherwise, they’re gone in the morning. I also once lost a paper that had an amazing plot outline on it and I’m still so mad at myself for doing that XD


I use OneNote sometimes, which I think is like Evernote. Right now it’s a mess and I’m trying to think how to use it in conjunction with my Google drive system.


I have heard of Trello, but haven’t used it yet. Is it useful for something like scene cards where you can move notes around? I tried to do that with Google Keep, but it didn’t work. I could label the notes, but I couldn’t move them around within their labels, which is kinda important for something like scene cards XD

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