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Joy C. Woodbury


Don’t worry, the internet gremlins are odd sometimes XD

Totally… *sighs*

 I love how much depth and conflict there is between Temira and Paul!

Thanks! I do, too. The most interesting thing is that they always stay good friends, even though they have so many rough patches along the way. When Temira carries home an abandoned baby, it gets even more interesting, ’cause Paul’s oldest nephew isn’t exactly in support of the adoption. At least not at first. Can’t reveal too much of that either. XD I have so much fun portraying Paul and Temira’s different parenting styles. Temira is a bit of a helicopter, while Paul is mostly authoritarian but has some severe authoritative moments at times. Their parenting is kind of influenced by the way their own father treated them, because they REALLY don’t want to be like him and can take that desire to an extreme if they’re not careful.

She’s mostly very annoyed that she’s generally seen as “Who? Oh, Gavril’s sister” and the black sheep of the family.

I relate so much to poor Liorah right now… *hides*

It really brought them closer to each other, oddly, because Liorah doesn’t expect anything of Gavril, so he doesn’t have to prove himself to her. And Gavril always makes time for Liorah and she trusts that he’ll never let her down or leave her to fend for herself.

That sounds so adorable! I just love sibling relationships in fiction. 😀

Totally! Only if you let me beta-read your Paul story!

Yay! And I’d love to put you on the future beta-readers list.

I hate it when all female characters are either totally ditsy and girly or super tough and masculine.

I know. The super masculine ones annoy me, too! Why do authors seem to think that makes a girl character “strong” or “courageous”? It just makes them irritating. XD

“Embroidering proves I have the patience to stab something thousands of times.”

Ohmigoodness, LOL!

Certainly not the main character who has a vague background and is stated to be the same age as the lost princess!

My thoughts exactly. I just think that trope has been done so many times, ya ought to be able to think of SOMETHING more original.

Goodness, how’d you ever get through it?

Lol. The unabridged is 1500 pages, so yes, it’s a big read, but it’s SO worth it. There are so many intriguing characters, and the way their lives intertwine is just incredible. The book is full of a lot of sadness, guilt, and tragedy, but the journey is so worth it. I have never cried over a book or been changed by a book the way I was with Les Mis. The road might be rocky, but it’s a beautiful story of hope and redemption and how God leads to goodness. The main character and his sacrifices had me bawling, and I even cried for the antagonist at his tragic end. Yes, if you couldn’t tell by now, I think you should give it a go. XD If you haven’t heard the musical, you should TOTALLY check out the Original London Cast recording. *realizes I’m listening to the musical as I type this*

The setting in “The Red Ribbon” was really well described and worked excellently with the plot, but then again, it was a concentration camp, so the setting itself wasn’t nice.

Hmm, I haven’t heard of that book. I really liked the setting in The Book Thief as well. It wasn’t especially picturesque, but was described so well and fit smoothly with the plot.

In the rain the pavement shines like silver
All the lights are misty in the river

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