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Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for the late reply. I didn’t see this until now – maybe the email didn’t go through for some reason? Or it’s probably in my spam folder. I never check that.

Totally no worries! I’ve actually seen someone else mention that they haven’t been receiving emails either. Don’t worry, the internet gremlins are odd sometimes XD

WOW! Your characters sound beyond fascinating! I love how much depth and conflict there is between Tamira and Paul! It sounds so deep and complicated, and I can tell you’ve put a lot of thought into it! It sounds so awesome!

Speaking of which, I didn’t realize I had written so much. Apologies – I tend to ramble about my characters.

Don’t apologize! I love hearing people ramble about their characters! (Almost as much as I love rambling about my characters. I could rant about them for pages XD)

Your characters sound amazing! Gavril must be under so much pressure being perfect. If I were Liorah though, I’d def be jealous too! XD

LOL, he is, poor thing XD

I thought Liorah’s jealously was kinda interesting since she never acknowledges it, even to herself. Still, it’s there. She’s mostly very annoyed that she’s generally seen as “Who? Oh, Gavril’s sister” and the black sheep of the family. Oddly enough, she never blames Gavril for it. She blames everyone else, but never Gav. I thought that was interesting!

I think the cool thing is that they grew up under the same circumstances but it affected them so differently. They had a kinda traumatic/ stressful childhood, because of outside elements and their father dying when they were quite young.

Gavril reacted by becoming very perfectionistic and driven because he felt like too much depended on him and he couldn’t disappoint anyone.

Liorah felt neglected and reacted by being fiercely independent (she’s terrified of being dependant on someone and getting let down again.) and trying to get any kind of attention, even negative attention.

So, they had entirely opposite reactions. It really brought them closer to each other, oddly, because Liorah doesn’t expect anything of Gavril, so he doesn’t have to prove himself to her. And Gavril always makes time for Liorah and she trusts that he’ll never let her down or leave her to fend for herself.

Of course, for plot reasons, they both have to face their lies. That’s fun XD (For me, not for them XD)

PLEASE LET ME BETA READ THAT BOOK IF YOU EVER NEED IT. I think I would just adore that character! I love seeing girly-girls portrayed as kind and tough gals – because why on earth can’t they be????

Totally! Only if you let me beta-read your Paul story! It sounds so awesome and I really want to read it!

It’s absolutely hilarious how much everyone loves her XD As soon as Sahar waltzes onto the page, every single reader I’ve ever had immediately goes “That one. That’s my favorite.” It’s really fun since I really love her too. She’s too adorable to exist. XD

And YES! I hate it when all female characters are either totally ditsy and girly or super tough and masculine. XD Liorah, my sword-fighting, tom-boy character also enjoys embroidery in her free time and has fun dressing up now and then. When someone made fun of her embroidering, she said: (And I quote)

“Embroidering proves I have the patience to stab something thousands of times.”

Yeah, that’s what she’s like XD

Finally someone who agrees with me on that one. It’s so annoying when the author whips out that plot twist. I loved who the character was before – just why??

Exactly! It feels cheap and it’s totally a cliche by now. Especially when it’s “OoH, I wonder who the lost princess could be?? Certainly not the main character who has a vague background and is stated to be the same age as the lost princess!” Why does anyone still do that? XD

Agree with ya on that one as well. I feel that “oh, they’re insane” is what authors do when they can’t think of an actual good reason the villain does these things. It’s a weak excuse that makes me care about neither the protagonist nor the antagonist.


Ooh, great question! I love settings that involve revolutions, prison camps, forests, churches, or even sleepy little towns. My favorite setting is of course the France of Les Misérables. Prison, revolution, poverty, oppressed people, barricades, a bishop voluntarily deciding to live as the poor and common… it has everything! But I love everything about that book, lol.

Ooh, cool! *Quickly checks it out as an audiobook* WOW, 65 hours! The longest book I ever listened to was Ben-Hur, at 27 hours. (It was nothing like the movies and it had an entire chapter describing one gate. XD) Goodness, how’d you ever get through it? XD It sounds cool though, I might try it sometime!

I’d say some of my favorite settings are: Abandoned/ruined places (I don’t know why I just love the aesthetic) farms, forests, deserts, medieval cities, coastal towns and lighthouses, any cool sci-fi stuff, any kind of middle-eastern setting, and castles.

My all-time favorite setting… Ummm, I don’t have one actually. The setting in “The Red Ribbon” was really well described and worked excellently with the plot, but then again, it was a concentration camp, so the setting itself wasn’t nice. It was very well written though. That whole book was so atmospheric!

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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