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Yes!  I know what you mean!  That always happens to me… it’s like “wait, you weren’t supposed to be that important!” XD

For me, I just kinda roll with it, because hero characters are fun and they just deserve the spotlight, right?

Exactly! Weird how that always happens! XD Totally, hero characters are actually way more fun than they’re given credit for.

(Also, a lot of my hero characters *cough* love interests *cough* end up changing from bad to good and then they display all that good heroism stuff, lol!  But yeah, my love interests make me so happy…  I don’t think there’s ever been one I didn’t like!! XD)

That’s awesome! I love redemption arcs, I have at least one in my WIP. I honestly always struggle with love interests XD They’re so often too boring. Still, I think I’m improving with them slightly XD

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