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Brian Stansell


Hi Sam!

I don’t think I’ve had the privilege of meeting you yet. I am Brian. (The one everybody whispers about, but won’t look in the eye. ☺)

So, I will jump in here to respond, as well.

Would you rather wear the same outfit every day (it’s clean, it’s just that all your outfits are the same) or wear a different outfit every day for the rest of your life?
Mason: Do I LOOK like Adrian Monk, to you!?  Seriously?

New Question: If you could erase something from existence by casting it out of time, what would it be, and would you rather have its ripple effect be permanent and live with the consequences where no one knew you were responsible ~OR~ would you rather it be temporary, so that you could reverse what was done, but it would expose you for having done it? (only those choices are the options)

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