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Brian Stansell


Hi Michelle,

Oh my gosh, your story sounds amazing! (I need to know more XD) a teacher who is destined to be a hero. It sounds like it could be a funny and clever book. I’d love to beta read your story:)

You ought to check out Bronte’s (@bclarke) entry under the “Audio Cinema” Forum topic. It is very good and she gives such a clever and animated reading of a section from it called “Jade’s Story”.  Here’s the shortcut to her entry: Click Here.

She has a very vivid imagination and I am excited to see what she will do for us next…(hint, hint, Bronte. 😉)  Her MC is very intriguing, so I am hoping she will do something with Miss Magenta Charles in it.  (Okay, I am…begging…her to do one with Miss Charles in it. Bronte has a beautiful reading voice as well that I love to hear.)

Check out the Audio Cinema there, Michelle.  We would love to hear a scene from your work too.  No need to make it fancy.  Just record an MP3 file, get the link and make it shareable.  Then put the link into the form, with your tag, the approximate length of the audio, and the text you read.
Make sure to get permission to do this, if you need to.  If you want, have a friend, sibling, or parent read one of your character’s voices, while you provide the main role as narrator and/or your main character.  This is meant to be fun– Like friends sharing brief “campfire tales”.

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