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It’s totally fine, I haven’t been on here in a while either for the same reason.

Ya, I noticed some that he mentions food when they eat. But I didn’t think about it that it’s probably to show the difference between the different cultures of each people group. I like that though.

The growth after a fire is always really lush and I like it a lot. It’s definitely got a different look than the forest that was growing there before (as in our case).

That makes sense. I’ve met people with dyslexia, and even if they enjoy reading, it takes a lot more effort for them, so they tend to not read as much. I personally love reading and books, so I’ve been working on my own personal library since I was young. xD

Oh, nice! I totally forgot about Johnny Cash, but we used to listen to him quite a bit growing up. I should listen to some of his stuff again and see what I think. I’ve never heard of John Williams, so I guess I’d better look him up! What movies have you seen with his soundtracks? Oh, I also like John Powell, since his soundtracks for How To Train Your Dragon make me feel like I’m flying. I’ve never considered video game soundtracks, but now that I think about it, I’ve heard some that I liked. I’ll look those up.

Me too. She’s really helpful, so I’ll be asking her tons of questions. Sorry, which story are you talking about?

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. -JRR Tolkien

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