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Hi Chalice! Sorry for the late response, life happened.

I assumed I didn’t do to well on er…him (come up with a name yet?), but I had fun doing him!

Haha, why not??

Well tbh, he just seems like one of those people that would get on my nerves lol (no offense). I’m probably wrong though.

I guess this game isn’t useless after all!   And by the way, it’s nice to meet you! (:

Oh well thank you! 😀 To you as well!

Do you mind me asking what it’s about?

No not at all! I haven’t gotten too much plotting done though. I’m actually going to work on that after I finish here. The MC is a teenage girl and she is basically trying to stop government control. I have several ideas for it, but I want it to be original. I don’t want this to be a remake of The Hunger Games or The Giver lol. I wish I had more details prepared for you! I will be starting a thread on it as soon as I get the plot set in stone. A ton of people have asked about it. Oh, I did however put the beginning of it on Brian Stansell’s thread about opening lines in Mystery/Suspense/Thriller if you would be interested in read it and giving me your thoughts. It’s the most recent post.

 What about you? What are some of your favorite books?

I like YA, fantasy, mystery, romance, and historical books. My favorite is probably (ok, most definitely) the Twilight Saga. I also like Lois Lowry books and I’m currently reading The Hunger Games. I am really enjoying it so far! There is so much detail the movies don’t give you (like always) and I didn’t realize how much I related to Katniss. After I finish it, I’m going to read The Fault in Our Stars and The Maze Runner. What’s your favorite book?

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