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*blinks* …you can organize that lol?
*surreptitiously glances at; the drawer literally completely stacked with notes for just one story, then at the other drawer, the closet (no wait…I moved that all to the drawer), two crammed computer folders, my Pinterest secret boards*
I make my own dayplanners…and yearplanners, project breakdowns I even wrote this fill-in-the-blank novel outliner *scratches head* I can probably email you a pdf of that…but it’s kinda dippy.
I have a publication for my worldbuilding, every time I ad lib worldbuilding in my novel I add it there even if I delete the actual scene later so I can remember/keep consistent my worldbuilding rules which I can also pdf if ya want…
I have *goes to check* five drafts–several incomplete–of the same novel and I cross reference with those whenever I find a scene/plot point/idea I want keep I review it and probably scribble the notes around somewhere…the most I write it the more I know it belongs and, more importantly, the more my subconscious knows it belongs and works with the material I give it XD. *no pdf will be given of earlier drafts unless you want to die lol*
I have a publication where I primarily free write out of plot problems. You have to write without stopping for nothing though for it to work absolutely no filter and write out everything even if you’ve already explained it to yourself in your head.
Every chapter has a particular POV usually but there are plenty of exceptions. I write about a paragraph or less explaining to me what I want to do in this chapter so that I have “whole picture” from the rest of the WIP and then I’m free to narrow my focus on the mini-events of the scenes and then I rewrite the whole thing with details and a deeper/more focused POV*can…probably dig up an example but I usually delete the paragraph once I’m done* Also I have no clue where my story is going but I know precisely what’s going to happen lol

Basically just…actually idk good luck! XD

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