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Hey, sorry for the long wait for the reply, life has been nuts for me lately.

No kidding! He does have a lot of songs in his stories, but I sorta like it. If they’re too long then it gets sorta boring, but I like the uniqueness of it.

Yep, it should also be noted (though it rarely is from what I have seen) that he also makes special note of food at times. Both food and song are such a large part of a culture that we are blind to it until we go into another culture see how they are different. And, as a man who loved language (that is also inextricably linked to culture), I think he loved song and poetry for both the linguistical aspects and how they informed the culture and world he loved building.


Wow, that would be so weird to actually see the fires! I saw the place that is only about ten minutes out of town where the fire went through and burned just about everything, and it looks so barren. Everything is black, though the undergrowth is starting to come up slowly.

Yeah, it isn’t uncommon to be driving along the freeway and see swathes of charred plant husks from the brush and wild fires. I do love how green it gets when it starts growing back (as long as the fire wasn’t too bad)


Wow, you really are a guy of many genres, both in music and writing. xD Do you read as many different genres as you listen to? I guess I listen to some Christian pop, a bit of country, some folk/alternative, and worship music, for the most part. And I also love listening to soundtracks from movies with really awesome music while I do stuff. Have you ever heard of Hans Zimmer? He has some of my favourite music ever! And a bunch of other people too. xP

Funny enough, I am not much of a reader. Reading takes energy for me to do, I think it is because I grew up with dyslexia so that part of my brain didn’t get as strong as some other people. Instead I tend to take in a lot of movies or shows, (as long as they are decent), and in that regard I will enjoy pretty much anything that isn’t horror.

Oh, I forgot about country! I am not into much of the contemporary country, but I gew up listening to Cash, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Marty Robins etc… and today I tend to like ‘dark’ country, which is country with a bit of blues-y rock and bluegrass thrown in. Soundtracks can be amazing, if a bit up and down in tempo (since they are needed during all the emotional scenes of a movie). Hans Zimmer is great, but John Williams will always be my favorite XD You can also check out video game soundtracks, I would highly recommend any of the latest three elder scrolls games (skyrim, oblivion, or morrowind), as well as he original halo. Oh, and if you like epic trailer music for movies, check out Two Steps from Hell, they have some truly amazing stuff.


Ya, I’m excited, even though I haven’t done much for it yet. I have a friend who’s been blogging for a few years now and I love her blog, so I’ll definitely get her to help me a lot. I agree. It would be better for me to take my time and have everything set up and ready to roll than rush myself and not know what I’m doing next. Haha

I am glad you have a friend to help during the process. I would love to read the story btw, if you are interested in sharing!

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